Everything About Dragon Ball Super’s 1-Hour Special

There’s more than just Goku’s new transformation to look forward to



Unlike most other shows, the Dragon Ball Z franchise has literally spanned decades of airtime. It has some of the most recognizable characters in cartoon history, one of the most popular storylines and several of the most memorized moves. And Dragon Ball Super is just the current epitome of it all.


This weekend, Dragon Ball Super is going to give us 60 glorious minutes of what could be the most exciting fight we’ve seen from the franchise. 

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In the 1-hour special, Universe 11 will order Jiren to finally defeat Son Goku as the Tournament of Power rages on. Considered to be his universe’s most powerful warrior, there is no doubt that Jiren will prove himself worthy to battle Goku. But it’s about more than just the culmination of a competition that has held our attention for weeks on end now—it’s about the transformations that we know are coming.


As Jiren unleashes his ki, which is so powerful it overwhelms all the contestants, Goku makes a powerful counter move. By becoming Super Saiyan Blue and raising Kaio-Ken to the maximum, Goku thinks he has a chance. What we know, however, is that he needs to release a different level of power to defeat Jiren, as Goku’s attacks are deflected and he himself is knocked down.


And while it seems like the end for Goku, it’s been somewhat confirmed that this is the moment that a new ki will emerge from Goku’s body—and it sounds amazing in all it’s uncertain glory.


Screenshot via ComicBook.Com

Goku’s hair will go Super Saiyan, but it will remain its natural inky black color. What will change instead is his eye color, which turns silver. The aura surrounding him looks to be white-blue and it brings Goku’s shredded outfit to an entirely new level of intimidating.


But as all things in Dragon Ball Z, Goku’s power is likely to come at a price. Fans of the show have been noisily wondering if pushing Goku’s Kaio-Ken will have any drawbacks to his character. The worry is well-placed as the last time that Goku raised his Kaio-Ken was during that battle with Freeza on Namek—and that powerful moment did have its memorable effect Son Goku. 

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What happens after the Dragon Ball Super 1-hour special is still unclear at this point. Many have suspected that that battle between Jiren and Goku would mark the end of the Tournament of Power. They are, after all, two of the strongest warriors. There have, however, been reports that state otherwise.


A released magazine scan seems to indicate that the Tournament of Power will continue on until November. But as ComicBook.Com reported, the powers that be have not confirmed whether or not this is true. After all, what could possibly happen in the competition after Jiren and Goku face off? Not that we’d ever complain about an extension of course. 


The 1-hour special of Dragon Ball Super airs on October 8, 2017—and we definitely won’t let ourselves miss it.

Images Toei Animation via toei-anim.co.jp

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