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Who Is Joining Emma Stone in the Cast of ‘Cruella?’ - go!

Who Is Joining Emma Stone in the Cast of ‘Cruella?’

It’s an ensemble cast if there ever was one

As early as 2016, there were talks about Emma Stone playing the role of Cruella de Vil in a Disney live-action film. In August 2019, the beloved company made Cruella official at the D23 Expo. And in the last few days, we got our first real look at the movie thanks to a poster featuring the 32-year-old actress, as well as the first trailer in what we hope will be a series of drops.

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But who is joining Emma Stone in this ensemble Cruella cast? Read on to know more. 

Emma Thompson as Baroness von Hellman

Playing the role of Baroness von Hellman is award-winning actress Emma Thompson. Descriptions of her character note that the Baroness is awed at the fashion stylings of Cruella, which means plenty considering she herself is a fashion legend in the film. 

However, in the trailer, we see Stone’s character go head-to-head with Thompson at the latter’s party. A fashion battle? Count us in. 

Emily Beecham as Anita

Here’s a character we might all be a little more familiar with: Anita, the Dalmatian-loving owner of Perdita in the animated classic film. 

But while we’re certain that Anita will be making an appearance in the film thanks to Emily Beecham, Perdita’s attendance in live-action remake is still a mystery—especially since this is an origin story. Perhaps a cameo? 

Dev Patel as Raj (AKA Roger)

Playing Anita’s future husband, Raj AKA Roger, is Dev Patel. Not much is known about his role in the Cruella film just yet, but we do know an appearance is in there somewhere. Perhaps Disney will use this opportunity to plant the possibility of a live-action sequel?

Paul Walter Houser and Joel Fry as Horace

What is a villain without her minions? In Cruella, Stone is backed by Paul Walter Houser and Joel Fry. We have no idea what kind of shenanigans the two will get into, but we are excited to find out.

Mark Strong as Boris

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Boris in the 101 Dalmatians franchise—neither are we. This one’s another mystery we’ll have to wait to figure out. But with Mark Strong playing the part, we have no doubt that it’ll be a notable performance. 

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is set to premiere in May 2021 with in-theater plans. As for those of us still in lockdown, it’s a waiting game to see how we can catch the film

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