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Everything You Need To Know About discovery+ - go!

Everything You Need To Know About discovery+

The hottest streaming site is now available in the Philippines!

Compared to other streaming platforms filled with action, rom-com and drama series, discovery+ covers a whole different spectrum of content.

To help you get started on your next binge, here's a complete list of the networks included in your discovery+ subscription, including some great titles to watch!

1. discovery+ Originals

discovery+ houses original content called discovery+ Originals. Here, you will find original series and movies with a wide range of genres.

What we recommend:



HGTV is a Discovery Inc.-owned and operated network that features mainly home renovations, decorations and interior designing. 

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3. Animal Planet

If you grew up watching animal documentaries, chances are you were watching them on Animal Planet. The network is devoted to documentaries and series about the animal kingdom. 

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4. Discovery Channel

For the science, tech and space enthusiasts, the discovery+ app also houses your favorite science shows.

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5. TLC

TLC is a network that focuses primarily on lifestyle, personal stories and reality TV shows.

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6. Food Network

discovery+ also has Food Network that features food, restaurants and their origins for all the food lovers out there.

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7. Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery is a network solely for true crime, investigation and police work—indeed, a true crime junkie's dream.

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8. Asian Food Network

From Thai and Vietnamese to Korean, Japanese and even Filipino, Asian Food Network has all the goodies from the East.

What we recommend:

9. Magnolia Network

Magnolia Network showcases DIY shows, focusing on home renovations and interior design.

What we recommend:

10.  OWN

The Oprah Winfrey Network highlights stories of people just like YOU.

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11.  Trvl

Go on a trip with Discovery's Trvl Channel that features guides on top travel destinations. It also houses paranormal-themed shows, perfect for those who like watching ghost series.

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12.  History Channel

You'll find everything history-related on this channel, from mummies to Bible stories.

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13.  BBC

BBC houses not just news shows but also entertainment. From documentaries to uncovering Earth's mysteries, the BBC houses some of your favorite TV shows ever.

What we recommend:

14.  Discovery Asia

Discovery Asia is a Southeast Asian-focused channel featuring documentaries and TV series.

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15.  Science

The Science channel primarily focuses on wilderness, manufacturing, technology, space, prehistory and more.

What we recommend:

16.  DMAX

The DMAX Channel offers male-oriented shows focusing on factual entertainment, lifestyle and reality TV programs.

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Discovery+ FAQs

1.     What does discovery+ include?

Think paranormal investigations, true crime documentaries, cooking shows and the classic nature documentaries you are used to.

2.     How can I access discovery+?

You can access the service through your browser or by downloading the discovery+ app.

3.     How much is discovery+?

discovery+ is offering a promo for its annual subscription plan of ₱499.00 only until 11:59PM of January 9, 2022. After that, it will renew automatically at ₱999 for the succeeding years. However, if you're not ready for the commitment, discovery+ also offers a monthly subscription plan of only ₱129 per month.

If you have more questions, find the complete list of discovery+ FAQs here.

GO with the trend!

It's hard to keep up with all the new shows, movies and TV series, especially if you don't know where to access them. Fortunately, discovery+ houses a wide array of shows covering interesting subjects!

For Globe subscribers, you can avail of your discovery+ subscription regardless of your plan. To gain the best streaming experience possible, check out our GoWATCH and HomeWATCH packages!

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