Stay In & Marathon: What Every Daddy's Girl Should Binge-Watch

When all else fails, sit down with dad



There are so many things to do on Father’s Day, thanks to the numerous promos and activities that are being offered. And while this may not be a bad thing, you know that most families are going to be out as well. So why not stay in, avoid the crows and celebrate with family instead?


Meet The Parents

An oblivious girl, her overprotective father and her overeager boyfriend spending a weekend together, how could anything go wrong? The answer is: A lot. This movie is a classic and you seriously need to watch it again with the first man in your life.



Make it a whole day affair and follow up Meet The Parents with Meet The Fockers.

Father Of The Bride

What’s exceptionally great about Father Of The Bride is that it’s told from the point of view of Steve Martin’s character. It’s a sweet feature that gives us a look into the inner workings of a dad’s mind and sort of explains to us why he acts the way he does. The movie is cute, completely honest and just heartwarming.


Needless to say, you should immediately watch Father Of The Bride II after.


Finding Nemo

A father will go to the ends of the earth for you, literally, as Marlin proves to us in Finding Nemo. We all get into fights with our parents, but we know deep down they’ll love us no matter what we do. And no matter how much they get on our nerves, we’ll always keep looking for them and needing their help.



Big Daddy

Fathers come in all shape and forms and biology sometimes has little to do with it. Big Daddy is a comedy that hits us right at the heart every time, because it proves that fatherhood is more about connection, love and responsibility than anything else.


The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap isn’t exactly father-centric, but we can’t deny how much we love the relationship between Dennis Quaid and both of Lindsay Lohan’s characters. He’s quirky, loving and prioritizes his girls, all the while juggling a successful business. And in the end, he chooses his family and is finally brave enough to follow through.



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