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Our Favorite Female Supers | go! | Globe

In a male-dominated genre, these heroines make us proud to be women



It’s no secret or debate that the world is not gender-balanced. Whether in a fictional or real setting, males often dominate. But this situation only makes us love our female leads so much more. See, even when surrounded by boys that can fly and shoot lasers from their eyes, these women shine through without holding themselves back.


Black Widow

Image from Facebook/Captain America


Less known as Natasha Romanova, Black Widow’s life was never butterflies and rainbows. She was orphaned as a child, fortunately taken in and was then recruited into the Black Widow Program, a team of elite female agents. Throughout her life, she worked with and under some of the most popular male heroes: Captain America, the Winter Soldier and Wolverine. And yet, despite all their muscle and superpowers, Black Widow held her own without losing her sass.


Death of the Endless

Part of The Sandman series, Death is responsible for guiding the dead into their new existence. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But Death is a different personification of the character we’ve all learned to dread. She isn’t fearful or antagonizing; she’s nourishing and gentle. In one volume, it was even confirmed that Death visits people during their births as well, although she is the only one that remembers the encounters.


Wonder Woman


If there’s an icon of women empowerment that has spanned through the generations, it’s Wonder Woman. She is the personification of beauty, morality and strength. And despite her almost immeasurable power, she has always chosen what is right and just—even if it means harming herself.


Jane Foster

When a man can’t finish a job, there will be a woman that is willing—and worthy—of picking up where he left of. We all know about Dr. Jane Foster’s intelligence and her role as the love interest of Thor. But after Thor could no longer wield Mjolnir, it was Jane that came across the hammer and managed to lift it.




Of course, we have our own heroine as well. Darna’s been a staple in the Philippine superhero industry for decades now. She’s the defender of the everyday man, and battles against both the common criminals and greater sources of evil. Liza Soberano is the latest addition to the Darna franchise and we can’t wait to see how she handles the role.



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