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Our Favorite Filipino Horror Movies - go!

Our Favorite Filipino Horror Movies

A way to pass the time this the long weekend

The clouds are coming in right before the long weekend—a fitting eerie feel before Halloween, don’t you think? But before you get frustrated that the rain might possibly ruin your big party plans, consider this: A chill (and definitely dry) night in with some of your best friends, eating junk and watching some of our favorite Filipino horror movies? 

That’s right. Keep Valak, the Slender Man and Annabelle locked up; we’ve got our own brand of horror that’s worthy of a binge. 


When Catlyn, Veron and Dudoy go to the province, they encounter strange and brutal murders in one barrio. The three soon find out that the reason for the deaths is the attack of an aswang—who plans to make Catlyn her next victim. 

Feng Shui

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When Joy Ramirez chances upon a package left on the bus, she visits Aling Biring to show the item to her: an antique bagua mirror. Thinking it will drive away evil spirits and bring the family good luck, Aling Biring tells Joy to keep it. In the time right after she puts it on display, Joy’s family experiences good luck—good luck that she becomes wary of. 

The next day, she learns that the man who left the package was run over by a Rabbit Liner bus (and that he was born in the Year of the Rabbit). Later on, it’s seen that Aling Biring, born on the Year of the Rat, has died from leptospirosis. What follows after is a chain of events that Joy must save herself and her family from. 


This 1970s film follows the life of Angela, a woman who gets impregnated by the devil. In the TV adaptation that followed some years after, Angela’s son was believed to carry a curse that dictated the death of any that tried to stop him from living his destiny. 

Patayin Mo Sa Sindak Si Barbara

Barbara has always been overly generous with her sister, Ruth. Everything reaches its peak, however, when Ruth admits she is in love with Nick, the man courting Ruth. She soon threatens to kill herself if Nick doesn’t marry her and Barbara convinces him to do just that. In an attempt to give them space to fall in love, she decides to live abroad. 

After some time, Barbara must make her way back home because of Ruth’s death. When she’s back home, she finds out that Ruth has killed herself in a jealous fit, thinking that Nick still loved Barbara. Moreover, she’s now haunting the house with every intention of revenge. 

Shake, Rattle & Roll 3

Yaya – Tanya is a mother who moves into a new house with her daughter, Jane. Everything is going fine until there’s a blackout and Tanya finds her housekeeper, Virgie, driven insane hiding in a closet with Jane. When Tanya tries to take her daughter, Virgie warns that someone will take Jane away. 

Ate – Rosalyn must travel back to her province after learning that her sister, Rowena, has died. When she gets there, a young boy named Tano tells her that Rowena was brought back to life in a mansion owned by cult leader Dr. Redoblado and his wife. Now, Rosalyn needs to figure out how to save her sister from her zombie life without getting caught by the Redoblados. 

Nanay – When Maloy’s best friend, Sally, finds eggs from a lake where her school has taken a trip, things seem fine. But soon, the two friends hear a strange voice from the water and Sally is drowned while swimming. 

Later on, Eba, the dormitory owner, tells Maloy of the Undin, sea creatures from the lake who seek revenge every time they are disturbed. With Sally’s death already done, there seems to be nothing more to the story—except that an Undin has made its way to the dorm. 


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Without much of a choice, Marvin moves into a ratty old apartment in a rather decrepit building. But soon after moving in day, he starts to hear loud noises coming from his neighbor’s unit. Then when he starts to see bloody apparitions of his neighbor and her daughter, Marvin starts to question his sanity. Is he seeing things or are they real? 


Playing after the superstition that siblings should not marry within a year of each other or that no wedding should happen a year after an immediate family member’s death, this story is about unknowing half-sisters who do marry close to each other. Soon after, each experience deaths and unfortunate events in their lives. 

The Debutantes

All Kate wants is to be friends with the popular girls in school. Things start to get weird, however, when Kate starts having dreams of the girls dying. Not listening to her warnings, Lara, Jenny, Candice and Shayne find out about their curse when as they each turn 18. 


When her sister finds an abandoned baby, childless Julie decides to take the poor child in. Soon, the new mother experiences nightmares she can’t stop or figure out and must handle herself as her own mother meets her untimely end. 


Junior and his family live a simple life in a simple town. One day, his daughter Amor comes home sick with an unknown infection. But because they don’t have the money to pay for a hospitalization, Inday takes her daughter to a healer, Lazarus, who tells them that Amor has been infected by venom. A few days later, Amor turns into an aswang

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Sounds like a good few hours, doesn’t it? No one ever said you needed to be out to have a good time, anyway. All you need is a TV, HOOQand a few bags of goodies.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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