Ranking 5 of Our Favorite K-Pop Dance Videos

These are the top-tier dance videos from K-pop

We’re only a quarter into 2021, and all the good stuff from K-pop have just kept on coming. From January to March, the industry’s favorite acts return with brand new singles and fresh concepts that scream “Worth the wait!”

If anything, the members of Kmmunity PH on Facebook are always on top of the latest K-news. Once facts get posted, they’re already telling each other about the dates they should block off so they can feast on these comebacks altogether. 

Drawing inspo from our friends over there, we ranked five of our favorite K-pop dance videos that made rounds this year.

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5. "Don’t Call Me" by SHINee

First on our list is SHINee’s Don’t Call Me. After two and a half years on hiatus, the group returns with an electronic hip-hop song, an experimental sound if you put it against SHINee’s older tracks. Nonetheless, they still moved smoothly and commanded the stage during this performance. This just goes to show that SHINee’s time off didn’t affect their synchronicity and skills. SHINee’s definitely back!

4. "Lilac" by IU

Riding along the wave of retro concepts, South Korea’s Sweetheart puts her own spin into it by returning with city pop. In this stage for Lilac, IU arrives like the season of spring with her sweet vocals and cheeky dance moves. This proves why she and her music are definitely well-loved by fans and listeners from all over the world. Lilac is very much like a fresh breath of air on a spring day.

3. "On The Ground" by Rosé

While hitting milestones with her solo debut, BLACKPINK’s Rosé serves us a well-rounded dance performance for On The Ground. In an amazing mix of floorwork and lifting, the dance depicts the up-and-down metaphors riddled in the lyrics. Adding that with the muted visuals of the video, you’ll find yourself fully focusing on the performance and captivated by Rosé’s charm and allure. 

2. "Why Don’t We" by Rain feat. Chungha

Rain’s Why Don’t We is second on our list. Here, he recruited one of the most powerful soloists of this era of K-pop idols: Chungha. In Why Don’t We, Rain shows that he’s still got the magic and charm that had millions of people falling in love with him in the first place while showcasing their shared expertise: powerful dance skills and flawless vocals. We're not surprised that they nailed the whole dance in one take.

1. "TAIL" by SUNMI

The number one dance video is TAIL by SUNMI. The Wonder Girls alumna is known for her dark and sultry concepts. TAIL retains that image, showing off her sensuality throughout the whole performance. The combination of red lights and dark outfits show off Sunmi in her element: sexy, feisty and empowered. Plus, that nine-tail fox formation definitely put this dance video at the top of the list.

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