In Celebration of World Art Day, Here Are 8 Filipino Artists to Follow on Instagram

We round up just some of the names worth keeping an eye out for

We enjoy visiting the #artph tag on Twitter and Instagram on occasion. It’s mostly when a dose of inspiration is needed, but in other cases, it’s nice to get an update on what Filipino artists today have up their sleeves. Scrolling through is always rewarding; it proves time and again that we are never short of brilliant creatives—be it painters, fashion designers, musicians, filmmakers or graphic artists (and the list goes on).

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On World Art Day and in the spirit of supporting local talent, we pay tribute to just eight of the promising artists that we can’t wait to see more of. Each one with a unique identity, a refreshing point of view and a marvelous take on storytelling:

Yeo Kaa

Multi-award-winning contemporary artist Yeo Kaa hailing from Palawan is well-known for her candy-colored paintings that depict characters in haunting states of reality.

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Ayka Go

Ayka Go, no stranger to the group art exhibit scene here and abroad, is best known for her oil paintings of paper sculptures that reference childlike wonder well into adulthood.

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Jethro Ian Lacson

Multimedia artist Jethro Ian often creates digital portraits of prominent figures in film and music, which led him to collaborate with musician Jason Dhakal on the official cover art for his first full-length release lovesound.

Iyan de Jesus

Self-taught artist Iyan de Jesus defines much of her work as a “pastel-hued, post-apocalyptic technofantasy” with close attention to the minutiae and marked with an obsession with geometric compositions and patterns.

Bea Ticsay

One-third of promising new fashion label Anoto, the elusive Bea Ticsay conjures up pieces with the eclectic, cosmopolitan youth in mind. Her feed as @garcongirl_ offers up new style inspiration every week, too. 

Ida Siasoco

Though still currently taking up a Fine Arts course at university, Ida Siasoco has established herself as one of the Filipino makeup artists to watch.

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Cyrill Acuña

Taking graphite to paper to create kitschy and colorful cartoon images, illustration artist Cyrill Acuña takes the mundane elements of everyday life and breathes life into them.

Tamia Reodica

As Grrl Cloud, formerly a one-woman music act that has expanded into a complete band ensemble, Tamia Reodica introduces a refreshing take on the electro-synth genre.

On World Art Day and all days, lift the local community of creatives up! Remember: showing support for the local art community can be as direct as commissioning them for projects or as simple as crediting them accordingly when sharing their work online.

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