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#ForTheLoveOf Harry Styles: What These Girls Would Do For Harry And For A Good Cause

A Sign of the Times? We think so, too

Harry Styles has come a long way from his One Direction days; he grew his locks longer, traded in his buttoned-up shirts for something a little more rock n’ roll and left us wanting even more with his unique brand of music.

And while Styles is no stranger to hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world, the new-ish version of the artist (thanks to the heartbreaking soft rock that is the Sign of the Times, the headbangin’ tune of Kiwi, etc.) has earned him distinctive titles, like modern-day musical genius and thus, an even larger fandom.

Girls from different parts of the globe have camped out for days, even months, to see Harry Styles live. But local fans? Local fans Ada Belen, Marymel Ong, Lauren Sason and Kendall Lorenzo cut their hair for the love of the rockstar and for a good cause.

For #GlobeHarryStyles birthday last Feb, Globe teamed up with the Philippine Cancer Society and held a bash for the occasion. Fans of Styles would know that part of his charitable efforts has included donating his curly locks to Little Princess Trust, an organization that supplies high quality wigs to children who have lost their hair due to treatments. So in true Harry Styles fashion, the event likewise encouraged fans to cut their hair and donate it to cancer patients.

Here’s what some of them had to say:



Why do you like Harry Styles?

“My favorite thing about him though is that he treats everyone, especially women, with respect. Most guys in pop culture are so quick to objectify women, but that’s not the case with Harry. I think the world could use more role models like Harry that young boys can look up to.”


How did you decide to cut your hair for Harry Styles? Was it something you were thinking of getting done prior or did you decide on a whim?

“Actually, it was a very on-the-spot decision…I always color or cut [my hair] to the point that I couldn’t donate anything. But by the time [Harry’s] birthday bash came around, my hair had revirginized and had been untouched for a whole year. I saw they were accepting donations, so I asked how much of it I’d have to cut off if I did—they told me all of it had to go. So without hesitation I said, “let’s do it,” and sat in the chair. It’s just hair, mine will grow back but some people may never have the opportunity to have hair again. If my hair can make someone smile and feel pretty, that’s all that matters to me…

[So if I had the chance to meet Harry Styles, I’d tell him], thank you for everything. I don’t think I would be where I am if it wasn’t for him and his actions inspiring me…I wouldn’t be confident and outgoing without his empowerment and I definitely would not have cute my hair if it wasn’t for him. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind that such a small thing would mean the world to someone else…”


If you met Harry Styles, what would you say to him?

“If I met Harry I would be lying if I don’t say that I will stutter at first. But I’ll say thank you, thank you for the love, music and kindness that you have brought to this world. I never thought hat someone would mean this much to me…I’d tell him how much he was able to change my life and how he inspires me to strive to be better…Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. You are one of life’s greatest blessings. Thank you for simply living. I love you forever and always.”

Words Sarah Santiago

Art Alex Lara

Feature Image via

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