#ColdplayLiveInManila: Fun Little-Known Facts About The Band

Some details even the biggest fan will get a kick out of

You may have heard about a little band called Coldplay and their upcoming A Head Full Of Dreams concert next month. While their songs have been staples on radio shows and must-listen-to playlists for years, there are still details about the band that are not popularly known.

They have a special clause in their contract regarding substance abuse.

When the band’s songs were first turning into hits, Coldplay collectively agreed that they would not turn into one the stereotypical rock band. This meant not falling into the black hole of drugs, sex and controversy. In order to combat the same, an official clause was written into their contract. It states that any member of the band that is caught using hard drugs would be removed immediately. Whether or not the clause is in full force and effect cannot be known for sure, but at least they try. 

There is no room for endorsements—unless it’s for Apple.

Coldplay is generous when it comes to doing charity work and their favorites include Oxfam and Amnesty International. But when it comes to endorsements, the band is a little tighter. They’ve famously turned down contracts with Gatorade, Coca Cola and Gap, despite the estimated large amounts of money involved. However, they did let Apple use Viva La Vida for an iTunes commercial. 

Speaking of “Viva La Vida,” the song was recorded while the band was under the influence.

Of a hypnotist, that is. Brian Eno, the song’s producer, suggested that a hypnotist come to the studio and the band agreed to it. Apparently a lot of the music on Viva La Vida was worked on while they were under the influence.

Drummer Will Champion was a lucky bet.

Champion has gone on the record to admit that before the band, he never really played the drums. “Coldplay and drumming arrived simultaneously for me,” he once told Drum Magazine. His roommate had a drum set, the band recorded him and the self-taught musician made the lineup. Wonder how that roommate, who was out at the time the band recorded, must feel.

Coldplay will hold a one-night concert on April 4 at the MOA Concert Grounds. A Head Full Of Dreams will kick off at 8PM. Let the feels begin.

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