Ghost In The Shell Is Out And It Is #GirlPower


If there’s still any doubt that a woman won't do what she wants, let it end now


There was a little bit of controversy when Scarlett Johansson was cast to play Major Mira Killian in Ghost In The Shell. But that issue is far behind us as the film is already out in theaters and we have to say that Scarlett did the role justice.


When she was being criticized for taking the part, which was based off a Japanese anime-manga, she explained her acceptance was on the pretense of feminism. Scarlett wanted to star in a female-led action film, and we can’t exactly blame her. She’s been on the supporting end of male-led franchises for years now and it was about time she stepped into the spotlight.



The story is about Mira Killian, who was chosen to partake in an experiment of Hanka Robotics. The project was to create a “shell”—a completely robotic and mechanical body—that would be integrated with a human brain. The organization believed it would work better than developing artificial intelligence. Mira was trained as a counter-terrorism operative, and as you might guess, she kicked some major butt and was promoted to Major within a year.


We’ll skip the technicalities and spoilers, but some amazing things happened. There is a lot of action, but there is also emotion, mystery and so much debate. Killian wants to find out about her past, of which she gets flashbacks that Hanka engineers call “glitches” and she finds out a few things that push her to learn more.


There is that struggle between a woman wanting more for herself and going after it, despite what her superiors say. There is that choice to do what is right for her and what’s right for those around her. So while Ghost In The Shell is, on the surface, about technology and humans and the blurring lines in between, it is also about what a woman will do to go after what she wants.\



White washing and culture appropriation aside, every woman should be proud to know that Hollywood decided to showcase a franchise that says so much. The million-dollar effects, action and eye-candy are just added bonuses. 

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