Gilmore Girls Returns for a New Season

The Gilmores are back and we’re looking forward to bonding with our favorite mother-daughter pair

Many of us grew up watching, laughing and crying to the Gilmore Girls when it first aired in 2000. For those of you unfamiliar with the show or were born a few years too late, it’s okay we’ll bring you up to speed.

Gilmore Girls follows the life and love stories of single mom Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter with the same name but prefers to be called Rory. It explores all sorts of issues of family, friendship and romance with clever social commentaries and pop cultural references that make it an excellent example of a good dramedy. The series ended in 2007 and is picking up where it left off in the all-new season. All our questions will finally (hopefully) be answered when the four-part 90-minute each mini series which premieres on Netflix this November. But before we all get whisked away to the quaint and whimsical town of Star Hollow, and freak out cause "we need coffee in an IV," let’s look back at some of the most unforgettable moments in Gilmore Girls.

The Other Woman

Who could forget that time Lorelai called out Rory for sleeping with a married man? It was also such an adult moment for Rory, who had to deal with the consequences of her actions.


That dance-a-thon makes us miss bonding sessions with our moms, too.

Dragonfly Inn

When Lorelai opened Dragon Fly Inn with Sookie and without any financial help from her filthy rich parents. Because everybody loves a success story.

Rory and Logan’s Awkward Moment

A sweet turned awkward, emotionally scarring (if you were Rory) and hilarious moment makes for great TV. We feel for you Rory!

Oh Deer

Normally cars hit deers. But in Gilmore Girls, a deer just hit Rory’s car.

You Jump, I Jump, Jack

That dreamy Rory and Logan scene that gave us all the feels.

That Luke and Lorelai Kiss

The finale may have left us all in tears, but that kiss between Luke and Lorelai gave us hope that it wasn’t the end. Thankfully, Netflix is reviving the beloved series. Watch the trailer below:

Photo via Netflix

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