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5 Girl Power Films You Can Watch On Women's Month - go!

5 Girl Power Films You Can Watch On Women's Month

The past, present and future is female

It’s Women’s Month this March and, to kick it off, we rounded up some girl power films you can watch to celebrate what it means to be a woman. Whether you’re kicking back with your Mom and sister(s) or due for a watch party with your best girl friends, here are films you can watch in honor of strong women figures—fictional or not:

"Hidden Figures" (2016)

Women can do everything and anything!

Join Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson in Hidden Figures as they navigate working at NASA while being women of color in the 1906s. As they prepare for the launch of astronaut John Glenn into Earth’s orbits, they break gender roles, challenge racial discrimination and defeat all odds in this empowering film. The super smooth soundtrack featuring Janelle Monae, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige is an added plus, too!

"Moxie!" (2020)

Strong girls need a purpose…and a strong foundation.

Vivian Carter gets fed up with her high school’s sexist and toxic culture that’s often let off the hook by her teachers. Drawing inspiration from her mom’s rebellious past, she and her friends publish an anonymous magazine and, in the process, spark a revolution in their school. We could call this a product of girl power.

Premiering on Netflix this March 3, Moxie is directed by Amy Poehler who also plays a different kind of non-regular, cool mom in this film.

"Ocean’s 8" (2018)

Suspense and glamour meet in Oceans 8.

An unlikely crew of characters are brought together for one aim: 16.5 million US Dollars in their bank accounts. In turn, they have to successfully steal the prized diamond necklace that’ll make an appearance at the Met Gala. From brand name after brand name to funky spying gadgets, Ocean’s 8 shows us that heists can be done in style. We’re joined by a star-studded cast including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Mindy Kalling, and more in this heist comedy.

"Charlie’s Angels" (2019)

Thrill-seekers should definitely watch the Charlie’s Angels reboot from 2019.

Charlie’s Angels introduces us to a new crime-fighting trio with Sabina, Jane and Elena, as well as their new boss, a female Bosley. The four spies of the Townsend Agency work to retrieve a potential weapon of mass destruction while looking for the mole that’s been foiling all of their attempts. Friendships are made and mended along the way as they shut down villains one mission at a time.

PS. I, too, would want a chance to window shop in the Townsend Agency’s closet.

"Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce" (2019)

See the amount of work put into Beyonce’s well-loved Coachella 2018 stage.

In Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce, the singer shows why she’s definitely deserving to be called “Queen Bey.” In this documentary, she works to build her Coachella stage from scratch and pushes her limits in true boss woman fashion. By the end, Queen Bey was able to show and map out her entire career, her culture and her womanhood in a two-hour stage that had jaws dropping left and right. Now that is girl power.

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Don’t forget, though, that being a strong woman is more than grandiose achievements or cleverly pulling off heists. More often than not, being a strong woman means that you’ve stayed true to yourself and continue exceeding limits in your own way.

Stream all of these titles on Netflix.

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