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What Does Mad Love Look Like? Let The Globe Digital Ambassadors Show You! | go! | Globe

What Does Mad Love Look Like? Let The Globe Digital Ambassadors Show You!

The 2018 #GlobeFam goes all out with their all-time faves, major obsessions and guilty pleasures

The month of February coming around marks a brand-new season for Globe Telecom. As it unfolds, it’s plain to see that the theme is something everyone can relate to: It’s all about love. No, strike that. It’s all about mad love.


On February 9, 2017, Globe’s digital ambassadors got together to celebrate all the things they have mad love for. The intimate, Happy-Hearts-Day-perfect setting of the year’s #GlobeFam kick-off party? The rooftop of Dr. Wine Manila in Poblacion, Makati.


The night was all about carrying a torch, one way or another, for the things that spark mad love: the movies they could watch over and over again and still never get old, the fangirl and fanboy-worthy singers and all-time favorite musical acts, the super-fandoms they belong to and the sports teams they’ll forever and always root for. #ForTheLove of all these things, guests came dressed as their obsessions, too.


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Social media sensation and YouTube vlogger Lloyd Cadena, for example, went all out as his obsession: pop star and legend, Lady GaGa, who’s also known to fans as Mother Monster.


We bet you can test lifestyle vlogger Janina Vela on anything and everything FRIENDS-related. She’d pass that with flying colors even in her sleep.


(Also, could we be more into that FRIENDS shirt?)

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Magic 89.9 radio DJs Bea Fabregas and Nikko Ramos, meanwhile, sported their love for sports (the NBA to be exact) on their t-shirts:


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It wasn’t only about looking the part, but knowing the part, too. Guests were split up into two teams, Team Pakwan and Team One, for the evening’s quiz-or-tequila-shot game segment. It was time for the Globe fam to put their TV and movie knowledge to the test.


Things got pretty heated between the two teams (see: LA Aguinaldo’s plotting/game face).


It was obviously fun and (just) games for some…


But quiz night players like Nico Bolzico really committed to the competition (as his idol Lionel Messi would, we’re guessing).


Competition aside and no matter what fandom they belonged to, one thing was for sure: The Globe fam had mad love for food…and there was a lot of it that night.


With heart-shaped balloons, red and pink decor, desserts perfect for V-Day and of course the spirit of Valentine’s Day already in the air, a shout-out to one of the most adorable couples at the kick-off party: Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff.


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Here, a toast (and groufie by LA) to creating mad love with Globe.

And the whole crew posing for snaps and wrapping up the evening:


Special thanks go out to Karl Presentacion, John Austria and Alexis Lim of Sino Pinas, Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Bea Fabregas, Daniel MarshKaila EstradaRex IntalBianca Gonzalez IntalHannah Reyes-MoralesPia Danielle Padre, Lloyd Cadena, Chino RoqueAnjo Damiles, Nikko Ramos, Gio LevyKenzo GutierrezBret Maverick, Janina Vela, Tin Gamboaand Aaron Atayde for making the #GlobeFam 2018 kick-off a night to remember!

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Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

Photos Kristine Barreiro

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