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Globe Gamer Grounds: Globe Launches Massive Games & E-Sports Efforts - go!

Welcome to Globe Gamer Grounds: Globe Launches Massive Games and E-Sports Efforts for 2022

Your newest gaming playground is here!

If we had to name one pastime that saw a major boom in recent years, it would have to be gaming. In the Philippines, 43 million gamers contributed to the rise of gaming locally and across Southeast Asia. In the 2020 report that revealed this, it was reported that 74% of the Philippine online gaming population played on their mobile devices, 65% on PC games, while 45% played on the classic console games.) With gaming further gaining momentum as a hobby (and even occupation) for all, virtual gaming playgrounds have become a place to escape to—and this is something Globe is taking head-on this year.

Launching the campaign “Game Well-Played,” Globe has banded together gamers from all over the country, beginners to experts, to “flex the good in gaming, ignite understanding and draw support for the gaming industry across the Philippines.”

In an official press release, the Head of the Get Entertained Tribe at Globe, Rina Siongco, shared: “While there are many stereotypes and stigma around gaming, we believe that there is value to acquire in spending hours of training for a competition or simply getting lost in a new world while meeting new friends. In seemingly dire battlegrounds, strategic thinking and creativity can flourish.”

Globe Gamer Grounds

At the Center: The #KakalaroKoYanWithGlobe Movement 

A place for passionate gamers with diverse points of interest, “Game Well-Played” is where everyone, as Globe further explained, is “encouraged to share the different benefits gaming has brought in their everyday lives, to break the stereotype around it by answering the question: ‘Ano nga ba ang napapala ko sa paglalaro?’” 

At the campaign kickoff, big-time gamers like Cherizawa and Boss Maw were present to impart to their fellow gamers the many ways this industry has changed their careers via skill building, multitasking, even right down to time management and financial independence.

The launch culminated in a digital film that perfectly encapsulates the life of a gamer. In the Globe-produced short entitled, “Good Son,” watch a young player gain confidence as the gaming community rallies behind him in order to support his family. (Stream the video just straight ahead.)

And Now, Step Into the New Gaming Scene

As a telecommunications powerhouse now stepping into gaming, Globe has taken its Go+ offers to new heights. It has reintroduced its GoPLAY promo, which promises “more gaming apps and free in-game vouchers soon for a more leveled up gaming experience.” 

“Aside from games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), League of Legends Wild Rift, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra, fans can also look forward to the addition of Genshin Impact and Pokemon Unite in the exciting roster of games of GoPLAY, soon,” Globe additionally announced. “With the power of 5G connectivity, perfect for gaming with its real-time latency for quicker response time, users can also expect no less of an elevated gaming experience.”

Globe Go+99 with GoPLAY for Mobile Gaming

The elevated gaming experience includes the involvement of professional leagues like Philippine Pro Gaming League (PPGL), and organizations like AcadArena and Blacklist International. In addition, Globe is also set to team up with play-to-earn enablers like Sky Mavis, the publishers of Axie Infinity.

Globe Gamer Grounds: The Gateway to Good Gaming

With major partnerships and gamer-friendly tech now in place, Globe has taken things a step further by unveiling the location where all these can meet: the Globe Gamer Grounds. 

“Globe Gamer Grounds is an all-in-one gaming platform that’s easy to use for any type of gamer–whether you’re a newbie, casual gamer, or a pro. True to Globe’s vision, we developed it with thoughtfulness to let users enjoy a massive portfolio of games that will fit every gamer’s fancy; connect with friends and battle it out on the grounds; buy upgrades for characters, may it be a new skin or a new set of weapons; track records and rise up the ranks; or simply stream all the best games,” said Tesh Kapadia, Executive Vice-President for Global Sales of Swarmio Media. 

“We developed Globe Gamer Grounds with Telekom Malaysia and Swarmio Media to strengthen our mission to empower every Filipino to pursue a game well-played,” said Aligada. 

“More than access, we want to continue to evolve and offer innovative products and platforms for gamers of all kinds. From the competitive players that play to take home championship titles and bring home earnings for their family, to those who achieve excellence by beating their previous records, and to the casual ones who simply want to enjoy the games they are playing–it’s always a game well-played with Globe,” he said.

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