A Push To Strive: The Globe PH Volcanoes Finds Strength in the Beauty of Eastern Samar

It was a journey of self-discovery, strength and fighting against the odds

In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines and damaged everything in its path. That meant broken pipelines, destroyed electricity lines and blocked supply roads, as well as devastated homes and split families. For #Scenezoned Season 2, Chris Everingham and Evan Spargo of the Globe PH Volcanoes visited Eastern Samar and Tacloban in order to help aid its rehabilitation—but what they took back with them is something they never expected.

The Globe PH Volcanoes

The PH Volcanoes have been around since 1999, but it wasn’t until 2008 that they were granted full World Rugby membership. Because rugby isn’t a popular sport, the team had some tough times. But through public doubt, the Volcanoes powered through with their vision: A Philippines that welcomed and loved rugby, as well as a team that played strong on the international stage.

Chris Everingham

Evan Spargo

Tragedy on the field

The same year that Yolanda hit, the Globe PH Volcanoes experienced their own loss in the Asian Rugby Championships. Their goal now is to come back stronger than ever on the 2020 Olympic field.

Strength in beauty

Chris and Evan learned that the typhoon created something wonderful—Yolanda Beach, which was named because the tragedy made the area so much more breathtaking. Speaking to Mayor Melchor Mergal, the Volcanoes learned that community drills helped the town’s disaster response and recovery.

The boys quickly realized the parallels in their lives and how the PH Volcanoes tried to put themselves together after their own loss. It’s about being unified and building together again, because especially in the midst of disaster, the most beautiful things are possible.

The clinic

Right on Yolanda Beach, surrounded by rock formations and crystal clear waters, the PH Volcanoes Rugby Clinic was held. Was there a language barrier? Yes. Was there a lack of education on the sport itself? Yes. But Chris, Evan and the Eastern Samar children proved communication doesn’t necessarily have to happen through words. You could see it in the way they moved and you could see it in the way their faces lit up at the chance to prove themselves.

Kawayan Village was the next area to visit. And while the rain poured and the air was cool, the warmth of the community could not be ignored. Despite every possible difficulty and despair, the locals banded together and rose to occasion. The smiles on the children’s faces and their excitement was enough to make the entire trip worth it.

People often say that Filipinos have this innate ability to smile despite facing the hardest of hardships. People say there is nothing like the Filipino spirit. And with people like the PH Volcanoes and the locals of Eastern Samar and Tacloban, how could you not agree?

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Images via Joseph Pascual

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