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Catch Globe Studios' New Horror Podcast "Nandito Sila" - go!

Catch Globe Studios' New Horror Podcast "Nandito Sila"

Get spooked all year round

Humans are always drawn to things we can’t explain. Maybe it’s our curiosity that leads us to do this. Or perhaps we just want to draw our attention to something else outside of our own reality. That’s why we’re always drawn to horror movies and jump scare films. It gives us the adrenaline rush, the thrill that runs through our bones when the suspense is perfectly built up, only to lead to a scary-looking creature jumping out.

Now, we don’t have to wait for Halloween to get our dose of supernatural stories. Netflix, HBO GO and a lot of streaming platforms have long collections of horror films and podcasts that are readily available for us to listen to. Those are perfectly edited to bring the right amount of suspense, fear and chills down our spine before an evil being comes out to wreak havoc.

We all like horror stories and, sometimes, the less believable ones give us a good laugh rather than a mean scare. But admittedly, those horror films and stories that are a lot more convincing will have our attention. There’s always an added excitement and thrill when there’s an inkling that it might be real. Hence the abundance of titles that are “based on a true story.”

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If you enjoy horror stories, especially first-hand ones based on real-life phenomena, then Globe Studios’ new series is for you. Nandito Sila is a podcast series where nine guests recount their first-hand experiences with the natural, supernatural, spirits and “taong dinemonyo.” Upon listening to the trailer, you’ll hear a disclaimer not to try anything at home and statements saying that their experience will be remembered for a long time. Which means that the stories are real.

Listen to their stories in full when the Nandito Sila podcast premiers on June 30th, only on Spotify.

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Author Kai Franco

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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