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#GlobeYTFF: Meet the New Breed of Creatives

YouTube FanFest 2019 introduced us to a new generation of content creators who #CreateWithLove

YouTube doesn’t get two billion views each day without fostering a strong sense of community along the way. With a platform so vast, video creators here are able to share meaningful content with distinct audiences all over the world: through entertaining bits, experiential pieces and educational how-to’s for those venturing into a new chapter in their lives.

Imagine being able to take this on as a passion project and earn a little something on the side (a single creator, as we learned at the YouTube FanFest Creator Camp last weekend, can rake in ₱100,000 a month through videos). It comes as no surprise, then, that the number of Filipino content creators has quadrupled in a little under a year, conquering popular genres like beauty and fashion, music, family entertainment and even gaming.

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With all the potential, power and influence that YouTube has handed the next generation of creators, it’s still relatively easy to spot the true standouts in the lineup. And at Creator Camp last week, we met several of them: six bright-eyed individuals who #createwithlove and are in it for their community.

Nate Punzalan


“Whenever anyone asks me what I want to do with my influence, I tell them it’s really just to add value to the lives of other people. Which also means making an impact: helping them when they’re down and helping them get back on track.”

Nate Punzalan is on a mission to connect with those struggling with the day-to-day, be it mentally or emotionally. This is a pivotal point for the 23-year-old who got his start on YouTube by posting fun videos solely for entertainment value.

Before stumbling upon this newfound purpose, one that speaks to creating content that cares, Punzalan busied himself with prank and parody videos featuring his sister Janina Vela, a fellow vlogger on the platform. He saw his sister’s popularity as a double-edged sword, though, noticing that while the association with her did send views his way, his original and heartfelt content didn’t quite get the recognition he felt they deserved. This led to a momentary hiatus from YouTube and a stint Punzalan calls a “purging of his thoughts.” He eventually came to realize that he was better off creating content with the main purpose of adding value to people’s lives through positivity.

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Hazel Quing


“The content I see on YouTube usually features vloggers with their partners or friends. But as an only child, the person for me has always been my mom. She’s always been there for me.”

Hazel’s “Can’t Say No to Mom” challenge has already gotten 1.5 million views and is now her most popular video to date. Her entries featuring her mother Haidee have become so popular, in fact, that Quing had to create a separate channel for their mother-daughter content.

Quing’s vides are fun, endearingly naive at times and playful: In a way, her relationship with her mother serves as a reminder of the best parts of being young and carefree and being blessed with the guidance of a pretty spectacular mother. From the way Haidee unapologetically confronts Hazel about her sleeping habits or gets her to fix her room, the point of her channel is pretty clear: in the house of Quing, family comes first.

Lyqa Maravilla


“I learned that every year that a girl stays in school, her income potential increases by 18%. So if they finish even just high school, they’ve already doubled their chances of succeeding in life. That’s what keeps me going.”

Lyqa Maravilla’s channel is a gold mine of educational material with subjects like Math, Language and Logic all covered here. She also regularly provides tips on taking aptitude tests, civil services exams, college entrance exams, job application exams and other relevant-in-real-life exams that serve as steppingstones to success. Pretty niche, right? In a single year, Maravilla’s channel grew from 10,000 subscribers to 200,000 subscribers, which means there is a great demand for study tips and review material even on YouTube; the Team Lyqa channel exists to meet that demand.

Lesha Litonjua


“A lot of the members of my audience are quite young. I want to inspire them to make music with the resources they have and to realize the power of expressing yourself through art and music.”

Being a musically inclined star, singer or dancer is a dream many content creators share. Lesha Litonjua jumpstarted hers by making covers of popular tracks by mainstream artist. (Her current sound stems from her inspirations: Lorde, Marian Hill, Kimbra, Billie Eilish) A self-produced musician who now writes her own songs, Litonjua has capped off the previous year with 226k streams and 93K listeners in 62 countries on Spotify.

Julo de Guzman


“At the end of the day, I just want to make people laugh. In spite of all the negative things happening in our country, I want to send some semblance of hope, happiness and laughter. Moments like this can go a long way in terms of helping people one way or do whatever they want to do.”

Julo de Guzman is no stranger to those who keep tabs on streetwear brands and trends. Along with fellow filmmakers Judd Figuerres and Edsel Uy, he produces episodes for the IGTV series Perea Street, which started out as a hobby where the three could share unboxing videos featuring their latest streetwear purchases. Perea Street has since expanded into the worthwhile coverage of streetwear-related events around Metro Manila, collaborations with coveted brands and bagging streetwear exclusives.

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Favour Ajah


“I feel like most of us have lost our sense of individuality. Instead of trying to learn how to experiment with our style, we all just end up being replicas of one another. I want to teach women that it’s fun to dress up and that’s the whole thing about fashion: you can hop on trends, but you can still be yourself.”

Favour Ajah’s Youtube channel may revolve primarily around fashion, the notion of getting dolled up or glammed up, but what she wants her audience to take away is the inspiration to explore their individuality and finetune their personal sense of style.

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Words Christina Advincula

Photography Boris Garcia

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