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HBO GO and Netflix Compared- go!

Can’t Choose Between HBO GO and Netflix? Subscribe to Both for Only ₱519

Here’s a comparative look at two of today’s video-on-demand mammoths

On days when all you want to do is stay in and put on a good series or movie, streaming is where the fun is. When it comes to the best of at-home entertainment, streaming platforms are where you can watch and revisit your favorite television shows and films wherever and whenever you want.

But where to start? We have an idea. Scroll through for a streaming guide putting two of today’s biggest streaming giants side by side. Read on for the lowdown on both HBO GO and Netflix, their respective features, subscription plans, and content. (Plus, the very compelling reason you should have both.)

A woman lying in bed and streaming video on a tablet
Globe Postpaid customers can subscribe to video-on-demand streaming services like HBO GO and Netflix using the New GlobeOne app. Photo: Shutterstock

All About HBO GO

Channel-turned-streaming powerhouse HBO allows you to watch all-original productions and the latest Hollywood movies through HBO GO, a platform accessible via the official app or through   


HBO GO features an extensive library of content from both HBO and WarnerMedia, making this single subscription worth it for any streaming buff. Endless Hollywood blockbuster movies and series are easily accessible; subscribers are also able to tune into exclusive previews and trailers of upcoming releases.  

Additionally, a live TV function lets viewers stream content from the channels HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family, Cinemax, and RED By HBO. If you deem yourself a cinephile, in other words, this platform is definitely for you.

HBO GO on mobile phone with earphones
HBO GO houses HBO and WarnerMedia content. Photo: Shutterstock

Other features that HBO GO offers:

1. Premieres of HBO Originals  

HBO houses an extensive list of award-winning serials that no other streaming platform offers. Of course, everyone still remembers the hype surrounding Game of Thrones, wherein viewers hurried to watch new episodes before spoilers could come out.

A cool perk that comes with an HBO GO subscription is getting first-viewing privileges of highly-anticipated HBO Originals as they premiere simultaneously in the US (think: Euphoria, Succession, or And Just Like That). Say goodbye to waiting an extra day to see new episodes of your favorite shows.

2. Downloads To-Go  

Looking to binge your favorite series uninterrupted? HBO GO grants you 20 downloads at a time, so you can enjoy your favorite titles without putting extra weight on your internet bandwidth at home.  

3. Parental Control  

Stay in the front seat of what type of content gets accessed at home through HBO GO’s parental control function. This keeps viewing safe and fun for the entire family. Adults commandeering the accounts can control this feature via a four-digit PIN. Here, you can also find different levels of restrictions recommended for different ages that you can refer to.

4. HD Streaming  

HBO GO streams content in high definition, so you get the best viewing experience every time. In case you choose to hit pause on your stream only to return later, HBO GO’s video continuity features allow you to pick up right where you leave off. You can also enjoy and ensure quality streaming by connecting to Globe 5G. This ensures fully-loaded, interruption-free viewing.  

5. Watchlist Curation  

Here, there are endless lists of movies and shows to choose from, but one of the app’s best features is the ability to curate your watchlist and come back to it should you not be in the mood to scroll through the catalog and settle on one title. 

HBO GO’s monthly subscription costs ₱149 a month or ₱599 for six months. This comes with a seven-day free trial, unlimited streaming, and up to 20 downloads. Viewers can stream on two devices at the same time, and get the app fully set up on up to five devices. 

To subscribe to HBO GO as a Globe Postpaid customer and to pay with your Postpaid plan, register or log in to the GlobeOne mobile or web app. To do this, head to “Lifestyle” from the main menu, then click “Subscribe.” Once redirected to the streaming app, log into or create an account, then select “Globe” under “Link your Existing Subscription.” Accomplish the last few steps of activation, and you’re all set. Got extra Globe Rewards points? Redeeming 150 points will get you HBO Go free for one month.

All About Netflix

Netflix, much like HBO GO, is a subscription-based streaming service. It’s known as a pioneer in the industry, taking on the streaming format ahead of channels-turned-streamers and primarily challenging the rent-a-movie model. Apart from making existing titles available on the platform, Netflix has gone on to produce some big hits of their own AKA their Netflix Originals (Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Bridgerton just to name a few).

Netflix has one of the more extensive catalogs of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, on top of Netflix-produced original content—all of which you can view anytime and anywhere. Even better, you can watch top-rated Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Filipino dramas on the platform. That said, if your family has varied preferences in terms of movies and serials, Netflix might just be a better choice for you.  

Netflix on laptop screen
A pioneering entertainment streaming platform, Netflix has gone on to create original content. Photo: Shutterstock

Some of the features boasted by Netflix:

1. Personalize Account Details  

Netflix considers personal viewing preferences as it tailors its suggestions based on your history and watchlist. Here, you can create separate profile accounts for your household to keep the customization of each of your preferences separate.   

2. Download Feature

Much like HBO Go, users are able to binge-watch TV series and movies uninterrupted even without an internet connection. You can download your favorite content onto your mobile phone for later viewing.

3. 4K Ultra-HD Streaming Quality

Compatible devices and a strong internet connection (like Globe 5G) can allow you to view content in the highest streaming quality available. You can also toggle and choose among low, medium, and high streams depending on what type of internet access is available to you.  

4. Manage Your List  

Browse and save shows and movies you’d like to watch in the future by curating your own watchlist. Netflix uses this information as a basis when they recommend new shows for you to watch, so you can count on the content on your homepage to be personalized and attuned to your liking.   

5. Device Compatibility  

You can use any internet-connected device with the Netflix app to stream. This includes smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, smartphones, and tablets. Netflix is also accessible through an internet browser on your computer or laptop. Talk about range!   

Netflix’s plan details are the following:  

  • Netflix Basic (₱370/month) offers Standard Definition video quality (SD) with only one concurrent user allowed 

  • Netflix Standard (₱460/month) offers High Definition video quality (HD) with two concurrent users allowed 

  • Netflix Premium (₱550/month) offers Ultra High Definition video quality (UHD) with four concurrent users allowed 

You can activate Netflix through and charge your subscription to your Globe Postpaid plan. You may also get a standalone subscription via GlobeOne

Maybe you don’t actually have to choose between HBO GO or Netflix. With Globe, you can get both: A combined subscription to two basic plans to these streamers costs only ₱519 a month with Globe.

While you’re at it, ensure quality streaming with Globe’s 5G connection for a lightning-fast internet experience, HD streams, zero lag and loading times, and no interruptions. Learn more about the 5G Globe Network here.

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