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What Does It Take to Become a Korean Idol

The first episode of Hello K-Idol offers a peek into the idol training process

Consider this fact: few pop culture phenomena could contest the lasting power of the Hallyu wave. Love it or hate it, Korean music and the faces, fashion and fan culture it brings with it has affected the Filipino one way or another, especially in a country as open to foreign influence as ours. 

After all, it’s admittedly hard not to slip into this realm. There’s the catchy music, the multi-million dollar music videos, the no holds barred level of production that trickles down to every aspect of the K-Pop production process. Then, there are the idols. Above all else, these teens and twenty-somethings are thrust into the spotlight to give the youth people to look up to, to give faces to the aspiration and inspiration bubbling up in the spirits of their audiences. Despite the overwhelming volume of them in the public eye, the rigorous training process that goes into building an idol persona proves that not just anyone can step into the limelight. 


We zero in on this further in the first episode of Hello K-Idol , a nationwide talent search from Viu and Globe Studios. The first of its kind in the country, Hello K-Idol bridges aspiring Filipinos and the Korean superstar dream, promising the show’s victor an all-expenses paid trip to Korea for idol training. The pilot episode offers a peek into the audition process and answers the question: what exactly does it take to become a K-Idol?

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The Visuals

There’s the musical aspect of K-Pop, then there’s the physical. Arguably just as gripping as the songs and videos themselves, the appeal of a darling face or a svelte body undeniably adds fuel to the blazing fire. While perfectly styled hair and expertly done makeup go a long way in bringing out the best in a person’s looks, there’s no denying that Korean entertainment companies appreciate having a pretty canvas to start off with.

The Dance Moves

If you’ve brushed up on your K-Pop knowledge, chances are that you’re well-acquainted with how polished Infinite, BTS or MOMOLAND’s routines are. Dance makes up a crucial aspect of their performances and even the stiffest, least experienced dancers are expected to pick up on choreography. However, with enough effort and practice, it’s clear that all the hard work pays off onstage!

The Vocal Chops

Contrary to what naysayers might spew, this genre isn’t all bubblegum pop and repetitive hooks. K-Pop covers a whole spectrum of sounds, picking up influence from different genres and trends. In order to convey the messages and emotions of each track, artists are expected to be able to sing loud and clear (while dancing, mind you!). Each group also has its designated main vocals and lead vocals, who typically take charge of the most challenging verses and high notes. 

The Stage Presence

Having talent is one thing, but possessing the ability to command the stage in front of thousands of onlookers is a whole ‘nother thing on its own. A path long in the works, today’s K-Pop groups no longer just target the Korean market. Their trajectory goes from national to continental, and eventually, global. With the whole world watching, isn’t it expected that a star be able to shine its brightest?

The Resilience 

Nothing worth having comes easy and the journey to stardom is true testament to this. In Hello K-Idol’s pilot episode, K-Inspirations Jung Joon Young and Yook Sung Jae break it down for viewers. “Take learning seriously,” advises Sung Jae, the youngest member of boy group BtoB and self-proclaimed perfectionist. “Don’t run away when it gets difficult.” 

Meanwhile, band frontman Jung Joon Young shares what he believes to be the most important quality an idol should possess at the show’s press launch: the patience to overcome difficulty. At the beginning of the show, as he bares his personal experiences, he also offered a lighter piece of advice. “Laugh about things that can’t be helped,” he says. After all, who said the means can’t be as fun as the end?

Are you ready to jump aboard the Hello K-Idol train? Get started by checking out the ten finalists going through the Hello K-Idol experience!






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Dive in for the full K-experience and catch the first full episode of Hello K-Idol only on Viu. Make sure to like and follow the Hello K-Idol Facebook page to get the latest news and updates about Hello K-Idol. 

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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