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🎥 Hintayan Ng Langit: Everything We Learned - go!

The Lessons We Learned From Hintayan Ng Langit

Because this film is finally on a commercial run!

This year’s QCinema Film Festival was one for the books. The lineup of movies had themes rarely touched on, told in stories that were unusually good—so much so that a standout in the lineup, Hintayan Ng Langit, has gotten its much deserved commercial run.

Up ahead, everything we learned from the film that stars two of Philippine cinemas most beloved actors: Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareño.

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Our actions have consequences

This is where the story of Hintayan Ng Langit begins. Manolo (Garcia) finds himself dead, his soul now in Purgatory awaiting the go signal to make his way to Heaven. But to make things more interesting, he runs into Lisang (Pareño), an ex-girlfriend with whom he had a complicated relationship. As luck would have it, the two end up having to sleep in the same room.

Some choices we make have little bearing in our lives in the long run. When we choose to have pasta instead of rice for lunch, the effects last a few hours. But when we choose to keep—or remove—a person from our lives, the implications may have consequences that we can never reverse.

Everything adds up

At our present state, paying for our actions mean infractions at work or a low grade on a paper. On the positive side, it could mean a promotion or a medal at graduation. But when it comes to the afterlife, the story is different and oddly more permanent.

In the film, Lisang has overstayed her welcome in The Middle. She hasn’t been a good person, even in death, and her trip to Heaven has been postponed time and time again. She’s awful to her neighbors, even worse to the woman that cleans her room and has no regard for the rules. She’s been in the same place for two years, but now that Manolo is in the picture, she’s finally ready to leave.

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When you bury things deep, they grow

We may not all have skeletons in our closets, but we’ve all been guilty of burying a thing or two inside us. Whether a feeling, a question or a moment, it’s been there. We’ve all had that awful experience of distancing and distracting ourselves. But unlike skeletons, these things don’t tend to stay buried for long. We need to face them while we have the time, solve them if we can and just settle for closure whenever we can’t. There’s really no other way around it; things have a way of coming up when we least expect them.

It’s never too late

All that said, Hintayan Ng Langit teaches us that it’s never too late. We may delay things as best as we can and find distractions to keep us occupied, but we can always take a step back and reassess. There are reasons for the feelings that keep building up, for the actions we take that seem unreasonable to others (and even ourselves, sometimes). There are reasons why we sometimes just can’t let go—and they’ll reveal themselves in time.

People are beautifully flawed

People, as people, are flawed human beings. They make mistakes and they put up a front that they oftentimes refuse to take down. But when they do, it’s beautiful. You see parts of them you never knew existed, you learn things you never expected and you root for them in ways you couldn’t at first imagine.

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More than anything, Hintayan Ng Langit is a movie that will move you in unexpected ways.

Hintayan Ng Langit premieres in theaters around the Philippines on November 21. Make sure you don’t miss out with GMovies.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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