What’s Going On In The New Season Of House Of Cards

Here’s to seeing the White House in a different light



House of Cards, the thrilling political drama, released its full season 5 via Netflix earlier this year. And while it closed some questions from the earlier seasons, it still opened up an entirely new possibility. The future of the White House is paved in an entirely new landscape and we honestly cannot wait to see how everything pans out.



Warning: Spoilers start now.


Frank Underwood gets his second term

With the lowest recording of voter turnout ever and Will Conway’s war-hero reputation, it seemed almost inevitable that Frank Underwood would lose the presidency. He even calls Will to concede—but it’s just a ploy, of course. Frank fictionalizes a terror plot targeting voting centers and the elections grind to a halt. In the end, Frank chances upon a recording of Will, who has a tantrum on a plane because the pilot won’t let him fly in and Frank wins his second term.



The Underwood’s skeletons are unearthed

Tom Hammerschmidt and his team at the Herald come close to connecting Frank to the murder of Zoe Barnes (season 2). Lisa Williams resurfaces and points them to the direction of whether or not Doug Stamper killed her. But then there’s Congressman Alex Romero, a young Democrat who is sickened by the Underwoods’ masterful manipulation, who reopens the investigation that will lead to Frank’s impeachment.


Frank steps down from the White House

Oddly enough, Frank resigns his presidency instead of putting on a fight. And who else is there to step up as the Leader Of The Free World than Vice President Claire Underwood? Somehow, her reputation has remained intact while her husband’s has been dragged through the mud. Frank makes it clear that he had long planned to “give” her the seat at the White House as he sets his eyes on the private sector.


Somehow, the Underwoods still win, as evidenced by Claire—and the season’s—final words. “My turn,” she barks at the camera, once again breaking that infamous fourth wall.



The removal of Kevin Spacey

Following very public allegations against Spacey and the actor's own controversial apology, Netflix has announced that House of Cards will be moving on without Frank. The show's sixth and final season has halted filming as the producers discuss the best way to go about this, but one popular opinion is to kill off the character completely and focus solely on Robin Wright's Claire. However, producers are reportedly still pouring over Spacey's contract to see if this is possible.



There are so many more things that happen in House Of Cards. Get into the story with Netflix and Globe.



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