How To Get Away With Murder Season 4 Premieres This Week + 5 Questions We Want Answered

Viola Davis has a lot of explaining to do

Later this week, How To Get Away With Murder season 4 is finally making its way to the small screen and we could not be more excited to see the series further unfold. The end of season 3 answered one vital question, but like all good series, one answer only unearthed a thousand more questions.

You get one warning: Major spoilers ahead.

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1) Who is Dominic?

In the last moments of HTGAWM season 3, we found out that the assassin who killed Wes was actually hired by Laurel’s dad. More importantly, we found out that Laurel intimately knows the killer, too. Karla Souza told The Hollywood Reporter that “He is actually more my friend than he is my father’s.”

Excuse us—what?

2) How do Denver, Atwood, Laurel’s father and Dominic connect to one another?

If you’re fully prepared for HTGAWM season 4, you know that Denver, Atwood, Laurel’s father and Dominic all came together to bring Wes down. But the question now is how do their lives intersect and what exactly do they all have against Wes? Seriously; we need to know why.

3) Will Laurel keep the baby?

By the time the credits rolled on season 3, there wasn’t enough time for Laurel to mull over her baby situation. Creator Pete Nowalk told Variety that the season break is the perfect illustration of time passing—and Laurel making her decision.

Will the season open with a baby bump?

4) Is Wes really Annalise’s son?

I mean despite what we know a.k.a Wes being Rose's biological child. But when a character as complicated as Annalise is heard grieving over the death of Wes and saying “he was my son” at an AA meeting, the questions just start immediately bouncing off the walls. Did she mean this literally???

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5) Is Annalise taking a step back from the group?

With the introduction of Dominic and the revelation that Laurel’s father was behind the murder, HTGAWM season 4 seems to be taking a step away from Annalise’s law practice and Middleton University. The focus looks like it will center on the corrupt world of Laurel’s powerful father instead. Does this mean that we’ll be seeing less of Annalise as the episodes run by? We hope not.

We know you can hardly wait for How To Get Away With Murder season 4—it’s tough for us, too. Fortunately, we can still get our fix somewhere. Catch up with Annalise and the gang before you dive into season 4 with 6 months of free Netflix with Globe At Home Plans 1299 and up. 

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