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Iconic K-Drama OSTs For Your Playlists - go!

8 Iconic K-Drama OSTs For Your Playlists

For rainy days, daydreams and beyond

There’s nothing like an iconic soundtrack to make the perfect TV series or movie. Watching the narrative unfold with the most fitting track in the background keeps everyone interested. The same thing goes for K-dramas; the OSTs that hit those feelings just right make a K-drama popular, right alongside the impeccable acting, scenic sets and stories worth following.

After (binge) watching a few titles ourselves, some of us can’t help but dream of visiting the iconic locations featured in a show. But since international travel seems like a longshot right now, our imaginations and various OSTs are here to fill the travel-shaped void it left. So in the meantime, pretend you’re walking through Start-Up’s Sandbox island or meeting Goblin’s Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) at Hagwon Farm with these iconic and timeless K-drama OSTs best for your daydreams and daily playlists. 

Beautiful by Crush

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016)

Can You See My Heart by HEIZE

Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Give You My Heart by IU

Crash Landing On You (2019)

Falling Again by KLANG

Love Alarm Season 1 (2019)

Love So Fine by Cha Eunwoo

True Beauty (2020)

Future by Red Velvet

Start-Up (2020)

I’m Always By Your Side by John Park

Vincenzo (2021)

Love Me Like That by Sam Kim

Nevertheless (2021)

Listen to these tracks via Spotify. Who knows, you might just build your dream post-pandemic vacation in the process.

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