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We’re Still Reeling From The Incubus Concert. Here’s Why They Will Always Stay Relevant

How do you do it? Make me feel like I do

In many ways, Incubus defined the 90s music scene. Posters were hung up on walls, cassette tapes were bought and abused, and the faces of Brandon Boyd, Mike Einsiger, Alex Kutanich and Jose Pasillas decorated t-shirts, graced television screens and caused lips to utter screams all over the world.

Collectively, their music helped shape a generation and continues to do so—even after almost three decades.

They took us to outer space 

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When the mass population was just dreaming of space, Incubus took us there. They made us feel what it could be like in zero-gravity, watching the Earth spin slowly and endlessly, held down only by something—or someone—Stellar.

And taught us that it’s okay to ask for help

When growing up meant changing clothes, music preferences and overall personality, Dig made it clear that going back to our roots was nothing to be ashamed of. And for those of us on the other side of things, it said that pulling people back to us was not always for nothing. And for those we had to let go of, the song was proof we would always have something to hold on to.

But that the drive is still ours to make

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Our journey is ours to take and no one else’s. There’s an uncertainty that comes from letting others take control, it digs a hole in us that no amount of success can fill for the simple fact that it was never ours to claim. There’s a feeling of fulfillment that comes from making our choices and even the opening chords of Drive give the feeling that we can.

They taught us to fight the system

Because the ignorance can sometimes get on our nerves and Megalomaniacs are everywhere.

And how to love

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While it might be the easiest chorus to ever leave Brandon Boyd’s lips, Wish You Were Here is simple in its complexity. There’s nothing like counting the days, hours and minutes until you get to hold someone again, nothing like wanting someone in particular to be near you.

It’s almost as if the repetition meant to taunt us.

And when to leave

When their Light Grenades tour finished, Incubus packed up their things and took a hiatus from the studio, giving us five years until anything new. It was sad for some, but it was necessary for the band.

“We needed to unpack and not go on tour for a minute and see what that was like—kind of find out who we were individually, away from the band, away from the fold,” he told 105.7. “Find out who we were right now… having spent over a decade continually on the road.”

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There are some things that just never get old, some songs that stay with us and some bands that are forever.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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