5 Independent Magazines Worth Checking Out

Where do you go for inspiration?

If you grew up flipping through pages of print periodicals, you probably know what it’s like to have your mind recharged by beautiful imagery. Fashion, art and culture magazines are a great source of inspo when you need it: they act as catalyst with which you can take a known concept, make it your own and create a brand new conversation around it.

While mainstream publications are first to come to mind, there’s a reason you should look into niche magazines, too. They’re a celebration of going against the grain, tend to take on a fresher, more diverse perspective and welcome their readers to a different style of visual storytelling. Clothes, people and art among other things are a little more daring, outside of the box and sometimes over-the-top, which, let’s face it, the world needs now and then.

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Ahead, we list five of our favorite independent magazines for your consideration. From gender-bending fashion editorial to thought-provoking profiles, there’s no shortage of inspiring material here.


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FFF Zine, an annual zine that features surprising combinations of culture, food and fashion, is the brainchild of  Zac Bayly and Stacia H. Soetantyo. The former had previously worked with titles like AnOtherMag, Dazed & Confused, Dossier, Hero and Oysterand decided to pursue this as a passion project with Soetantyo and some other friends. Now on its third issue, FFFoffers cool merch alongside the fun, whimsical zine.


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For anyone with a curious eye and an international spirit, there’s METAL. This Barcelona-based indie mag likes to say it’s “a heady mix of fashion, photography and art whose pages can boast some of the hottest talents of the moment,” so you can definitely expect to find fresh perspectives and tons of inspiration here. While it comes in a bi-annual print format, METAL also lives online and offers exclusive editorials and pieces on its website. 

DANSK Magazine

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Dansk, the flagship magazine of Dansk Media, challenges the world of luxury fashion by giving it more of an edge and throwing in a little grit. It prides itself for being a magazine by creatives and for creatives, featuring “the best of what fashion has to offer—be it the world’s leading models, photographers and stylists.”

Fantastic Man

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London-based indie magazine Fantastic Manis the smart gentleman’s guide to fashion, travel and the movers and shakers in culture. Since its debut in 2005, it’s spawned a handful of pared-down yet exciting covers featuring the likes of Ewan McGregor, Tom Ford, Tyler the Creator, Kyle MacLachlan and Raf Simons. It’s the groundbreaking style magazine for modern men. 


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One of the newer print and online publications in the roundup, Dust Magazinewas born just in 2010, where it set out to bring together the best, most enduring parts of youth in London, Berlin and beyond. “We consider the magazine a laboratory of ideas and concepts through which we search for a new esthetic and to give the image new value,” the team said. “Our personal interests go beyond the idea of coolness, trends, waves or anything established by pop culture. We prefer to direct our gaze to the basic, genuine way through which youth expresses itself, from where everything should be reconsidered.”

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Author: Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art: Alexandra Lara

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