The Music Of Iñigo Pascual Will Make You Swoon


Move over, Piolo Pascual



He might have simply been tagged as the son of Piolo Pascual when he first entered local show business, but the 19-year-old Iñigo Pascual is quickly paving out his own path in the industry. More specifically, it’s his music that is helping him cement his name.


The music

In October 2016, Iñigo released his first single, Dahil Sa’yo. And then last month, the feel-good song topped Billboard Philippine’s Top 20 tracks, making him the first OPM artist to hit the number one spot. “I was emotional when I first learned the news,” admitted Iñigo. “I’ve always dreamt of being in the Billboard charts.”



The voice

Iñigo’s vocals are proof that he’s talented, but it’s his conscious effort to stay true to himself is what we appreciate the most. When he was still living in the US, his band handlers wanted him to be someone else. He recalled how they wanted him to sport a Mohawk, which he refused to do.


But it isn’t that Iñigo doesn’t want to change up his look. In fact, he’s done his fair share of experimentation, but the choice was always his to make. “I’ll do it because I’m confident in what I do,” he said.




It’s this same voice that has evidently made his way to his music.


The tracks

With a substantial amount of songs in his arsenal, listeners can listen to Iñigo’s tracks over and over.



Each one showcases his unique spin of rap elements, musical riffs and a modern take on a classic love story.



You can listen to more of Iñigo’s music on Spotify with Globe.



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