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It's A Girl Thing: A Must-Attend For Every Young Woman | go! | Globe

It's A Girl Thing: A Must-Attend For Every Young Woman

Empowerment, inspiration and education from some of the best female minds in the business? We know you want in



On November 18, Branded and Globe Live are bringing It’s A Girl Thing to young Filipinas. The event, which is focused on fostering an environment that is empowering, inspirational and educational, is meant to celebrate all the privileges that come with being a woman.


When it was first launched in Singapore, It’s A Girl Thing received both critical and fan acclaim. And with a 92 percent “Totally Awesome” rating, there’s no surprise as to why we’re all thrilled it’s finally spreading its wings to Manila.



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The experience

As Branded co-founder and CEO Jasper Donat explained, It’s A Girl Thing is all about creating an experience. “[The event] empowers teenage girls and addresses key social issues that affect them,” he said. “[It will allow them to embark] on a journey of self-discovery in search of their dreams and to truly understand themselves.”


It’s A Girl Thing is equal parts live show and experiential festival, filled to the brim with workshops, talks and fan meet and greets, which are all centered on dreaming big, as well as all the ways that young women can achieve success in their chosen fields. Nothing is off limits as attendees will touch base on everything from art and media to fashion, health, beauty and overall wellbeing.


The women

Naturally, a platform for women is led by women and It’s A Girl Thing has tapped only the biggest names in the industry. Get ready to be inspired by only the best in the business—regardless of gender.



Singer, songwriter, TV host and valiant advocate of alopecia Areata. 



Singer-songwriter with over 4 million Facebook followers. 



Multi-awarded musician and chart-topper. 



Vlogger with an insatiable smile and catchy good vibes. 



Singer and songwriter with a unique and inspiring sound. 



YouTube superstar and entrepreneur with over 10 million subscribers.



Beauty and fashion YouTuber and social media influencer.



International lifestyle blogger with a focus on wellness and mindfulness. 



Lifestyle creator with one of the fastest growing online followings.



Prominent content creator and online influencer with a knack for performing arts. 



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The reason

There is no doubt or question that women have come a long way in the last few decades, but there is no circling around still-present biases as well. From disproportionate salaries to double standards, there is very little room to lose sight of the big picture—a picture that young girls still see very clearly. So whether you want to keep your eyes open or you need a little refresher, It’s A Girl Thing is here to put things into perspective.



We know you want in. Click here for your chance at tickets or here to learn more. 

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