The Best Moments from It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018

 A weekend with this kind of girl gang is a weekend well spent  

It’s not often a girl power festival­­—aptly assembled by females, led by females—comes to town. So when news made rounds that It’s A Girl Thing was set to return for a second run in Manila, young girls took notice, marked their calendars and tuned in for deets.

It’s A Girl Thing is in no way your ordinary festival. While song and dance numbers, meet and greets and all the fun bits that embellish your run-of-the-mill fan gathering comprised the main program, what made #ItsAGirlThing so much more was its promise: to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of women. And that, it did. 

With its stellar lineup of 13 multi-hyphenated young ladies from here and around the world, the audience at IAGT Manila 2018 were treated to a Saturday of good laughs, great music and revealing discussions anchored on what it’s like to navigate the world today as a girl. Ahead, just some of the best moments that made It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018 a day to remember:

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#1: When Reneé Dominique, Dani Barretto and Eunice Jorge kicked off the panel interviews to debunk a few myths about confidence

Lifestyle blogger Dani Barretto went on to stress how important it is to think about who you’re bringing with you on your personal journey. “You have to make sure they’re great influences, because the truth is: you are who you hang out with,” she said. “Surround yourself with bad influences and you yourself will turn into a bad influence. That’s how important it is to pick the people you surround yourself with.”

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#2: When international YouTube sensation Liane V took the stage and gave a flawless performance of her single “Wild Side”

In her panel discussion with actress and artist Solenn Heussaff, and creative coach and performing arts advocate Anne Gauthier Das Neves, she talked about the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by social media and what’s it like dealing with negative comments online. “You have to brush off the haters because they don’t know you,” added Solenn. “They shouldn’t be able to say these [negative] things about you because at the end of the day, you matter.”

#3: All the uplifting messages left on the freedom wall set up by Dove’s Self-Esteem Project with Cartoon Network


The personal care brand’s partnership with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is looking to put entertainment for kids to better use by uniting fans and getting them to talk about pressing issues (like self-esteem and self-worth) that the youth faces today.

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#4: The moment Janina Vela opened up about her anxiety and talked about dealing with occasional panic attacks

“Because I was so afraid of not being perfect, I hid myself,” she told the young girls in the audience. “I hid behind a mask because I didn’t want to be known as the girl with anxiety. But I want to let you know that you are not your struggles.” The light at the end of the tunnel, she went on to explain, inspired her to write her latest single, “Unstoppable.”

#5: Asia Jackson choosing to celebrate the anniversary of the #MagandangMorenx movement at It’s A Girl Thing

Jackson’s #MagandangMorenx initiative aims to challenge the status quo in Filipino media. “From whitening creams to an entertainment industry saturated with fair-skinned mixed Filipinos, the legacy of the 333-year Spanish colonization in the Philippines can still be felt in this worship and desire for white and fair skin,” said Jackson in a tweet. “#MagandangMorenx was created to empower, reclaim and redefine Filipino beauty and celebrate our diversity of color.”

During her one-on-one session with host Tin Gamboa, she further elaborated: “You have to literally remind yourself sometimes not to buy into what society tells you is beautiful.”

#6: When Filipino-Canadian dance superstar AC Bonifacio and international dance sensation Megan Batoon both performed jaw-dropping dance numbers

One stage, two queens: AC Bonifacio was joined by hip-hop dance crew Legit Status while Megan Batoon recruited ladies from Groove Central for her performance (the crew had less than 24 hours to get the routine down and did not disappoint).

#7: When Megan Batoon revealed her personal mantra for success

Between talks about advice she would give her younger self, which she was certain 16-year-old Megan wouldn’t take anyway and discussions on the kind of content she creates for her YouTube channel, Megan Batoon took time to get real about success: “Success doesn’t come easy and it’s not a one-way street—it’s not paved either.”

#8: The night capping off with a stellar superpanel featuring all 13 digital content creators

Here’s your complete lineup of girl bosses, ladies: Liane V, Anne Gauthier Das Neves, Solenn Heussaff,Eunice Jorge, Megan Batoon, Reneé Dominique, Dani Barretto, Meredith Foster, AC Bonifacio, Hannah Pangilinan, Janina Vela, Asia Jackson and AndreaH under one roof and sharing the same stage.

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It’s A Girl Thing 2018 may already be over, but hey, there’s always next year. Till then, stick around for the new It’s A Girl Thing web series “It’s A Girl Thing On Demand,” streaming near you very soon.

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Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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