Japanese Gameshows And Pranks: The Craziest Moments And Funniest Reactions

There’s more to Japan than great food and enviable weather



The Japanese are known most for anime, fashion and food. They’re respectful, always on time and incredibly professional. But did you know that they’re also some of the funniest people with the craziest gameshow ideas? It’s almost as if there are no limitations to their imagination and nothing will stop them from making any concept a reality.


The Dinosaur Prank

We’ve all seen those silly T-Rex costumes and we’ve all laughed at them, too, but the prank below takes this concept to a whole new level. Unsuspecting victims are attacked by a life-like dinosaur and the entire situation is made more realistic thanks to some extras that are running for their lives. What really takes the cake, however, are the reactions of the victims. What is it about people running away scared that is so hilarious?




The Marshmallow Game

A rubber band across the face and a pile of marshmallows to get to—who would have thought it would make for some funny TV? Just check out the faces of these men as they do everything they can to stretch that rubber band and get to those marshmallows.  




Silent Library

Were you ever in a situation where you had to be quiet, but you wanted to laugh out loud? That’s the basic premise of the video below, as group of men must keep their voices down in the library. The men choose cards at the beginning of each round and the one with the different card must take part in a dare. The dares range from pouring hot milk on their foreheads and getting hit where the sun shouldn’t shine. 




The Passing Game

Think the suck and blow drinking game, except instead of cards, its different disgusting things. Watch these men transfer everything from crabs, to centipedes to turtles and frogs with nothing but their mouths. You’ll never see a man grab another man’s head and dive for a quick as quickly and as roughly.  




Binocular Soccer

You might have not thought you needed a game like Binocular Soccer in your life, but you were wrong, as these men will prove. Watch them try to distinguish where the ball is while wearing binoculars. Watch them miss the ball, fall and generally fail. Laugh and enjoy yourself.



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