24 Hours With Jayden Rodrigues

A day in the life of a YouTuber



No matter how satisfied we are with our jobs, our relationships and everything else, there is always going to be a part of us that wonders how it would be like to live the life of someone else. Sometimes, the universe gives you the opportunity to see it for your own eyes instead of leaving you to wonder what could be.


Jayden Rodrigues is a popular YouTuber from Australia. He recently reached 1 million subscribers worldwide—a number that is evidently well-deserved. He’s a dancer/choreographer with a talent for sharing his passion with the rest of the world. And for one day, we got to see how his life goes.


The day starts

On May 17, Globe Telecom held a talk on Digital Thumbprints held at the Kalayaan National High School in Pasay City. Around 50 students were present to learn about the responsibility they have when it comes to social media, and how important it is to stand out and stay true to themselves as they achieve their dreams.


The speaker, Jonan Regalario, discussed how Globe as a company helps people achieve their dreams by providing choices that cater to unique lifestyles. In doing this, the telecom player is able to create wonderful experiences for its customers.


After which, Jaden was able to share his talents by providing a dance workshop for the students. He taught them a few steps and even gave the best dancers a prize.


It continues

Jaden then went to visit the Globe Iconic Store, where we put his dance know-how to the test in a Dance Challenge. Dancing to the same track, the 27-year-old had to switch up styles as we called them out. And we have to say, he absolutely slayed.



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And it ends with a bang

After getting back to The Globe Tower, Jayden met and collaborated with the 917 Crew. After the dance group taught Jaden a bit of their choreography, Jayden returned the favor with his own dance moves. The day ended when the two parties put their steps together to create one amazing routine.


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