John Mayer’s The Search For Everything Is All Feels

Welcome back John Mayer!



If you haven’t heard, John Mayer is back with a silky new single and three other songs from his latest album, The Search for Everything: Wave 1 (though we heard the singer/songwriter has yet to confirm the title). Mayer’s release of the saccharine Love on the Weekend last November was definitely a nod to his delicate, pop-rock roots we fell in love with in No Room For Squares (Your Body Is A Wonderland was eve-ry-thing). And it’s something many of us can definitely relate to given that we spend the weekdays slaving away at work and only have the weekend to spend with the bae.


Months later, John Mayer released three additional tracks from the album: the toe-tapping, feels-so-good anthem for broken hearts, Moving On and Getting Over; the liberating ballad that is Changing; and the bittersweet melody of You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.


If all the other songs in Wave 1 sound just as good as the first four, then you know John Mayer’s new album will be on repeat all year. But for now, we’ll be playing it throughout this love month.


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