Meet Jookstogo, The Unicorn-loving Travel Blogger

She can also be described as a “legit fairy god Unicorn”—her words, not ours

While we’re all different, with our special mixes of quirks and pet peeves, it’s still a little difficult to stand out in a sea of people trying to do exactly what you do. They know what you know, they can do what you do and they might even do it better. The world isn’t getting any smaller and it’s only getting easier to get access to someone halfway across the globe.

So the question is: In a world of well-bred and polished horses, why not be unicorn?

Jookstogo, one of our favorite mythical creatures

Jookstogo is a local travel blogger who visits various establishments around the Metro and reviews everything from their food to their style. She’s even been to the Rainbow Dreams Café in Maginhawa and the House Of Unicorn Café in Marikina—let’s just say it was a match made in heaven.

But more than just travel, stores and food posts, Jookstogo (AKA Jukay) also randomly talks about movies and even gives albums-worth of unicorn-themed wallpaper. She’s the whole package; a one-stop feel-good shop.

Her aesthetic

Jukay’s feed looks like it’s something straight out of an Adventure Time-inspired magazine. Everything is brightly lit, but never without a pop of cotton-candy colors. Her posts are so well curated that you can hardly tell where one day ends and another begins.

But what we love most is how she looks in her photos. She’s always positive, always beaming and definitely always brings a smile to our faces.

Her language

Sometimes it’s weird when people we don’t know call us by a pet name, but it isn’t like that with Jookstogo. She’s approachable in a genuine way and it somehow translates on camera. And her dance moves? You just shouldn’t miss them.

You can catch Jookstogo in all her glory on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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