Get to Know the Finalists of K-Crew Dance Fest 2019

See what these K-Pop dance enthusiasts bring to the table

Anyone who has seen, heard, or is a fan of Korean music can tell you this: in the fast-paced, dynamic industry of K-Pop, dance is a crucial skill. While there may be some groups and singers who swim against the current, armed with instruments instead of flashy dance moves or choosing to stick to ballads and slow-paced songs, the norm is undeniably pairing hits with dance moves—and pulling them off with knife-like precision.

The importance of idol group dances has naturally trickled down to stan culture. Fans and dance lovers alike look to K-Pop idols as a form of inspiration, following in their footsteps (or dance steps?) and mastering their moves to the tee.

Giving the talented K-Pop fans a shot to up their dance game, Globe launched the K-Crew Dance Fest 2019, the biggest K-Pop dance cover competition in the country. With a chance to learn from a K-Pop back-up dancer and earn P50,000 in cash and gifts, dance enthusiasts from across the Philippines sent in their entries and participated in the live elimination round on October 19th.

With the K-Crew Dance Fest 2019 finals drawing ever nearer, there’s no better time to meet the lucky finalists:

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While X1 might just be getting their start following the end of Produce X 101, PR1K1 wasted no time in forming a dance team dedicated emulating the group’s razor-sharp dance moves.


With over 1 million YouTube views, all-girl K-Pop cover group ALPHA is making waves with their dance videos. Their K-Pop in Public video featuring ITZY’s newest title track, ICY, has helped the group gain traction and reach new heights.


Paying tribute to the strong, talented women of K-Pop is cover group, FIFTH SHADOW. Composed of Roxy, CJ, JM and Vanessa, the group focuses on covering tracks by f(x) and BLACKPINK.


Also among BLACKPINK’s fans is RAVEN ROUGE, a four-piece dance group that does the girls of BLACKPINK justice with their powerful moves and stage presence.


Lending a new kind of flavor and sass to IZ*ONE’s choreography is BOIZ*ONE, an all-boy contender for the top spot at this year’s K-Crew Dance Fest.


Dedicated to repping JYP Entertainment’s boy group, Stray Kids, RICH KIDS has been getting well-deserved attention from their fellow Stays for their impressive dance covers.


Made up of women swimming in copious amounts of attitude, it’s safe to say that nobody’s doing it quite like G-Idle. Giving these fiery K-Pop idols their due credit is G-Idle-focused cover group, WEMEN.


With a line-up of seven strong dancers, SEVENDIPITY earned the hearts of the public with their medley of BTS hits at the K-Crew Dance Fest live eliminations.


Taking a chance on one of SEVENTEEN’s more aggressive hits, co-ed cover group 7:10 put their own spin on Clap—and did a mighty good job at it, too.


What’s even more refreshing than Red Velvet’s summery-sweet tracks? Seeing local K-Pop cover groups like REBELUV give them their own flavor, of course!

The 10 finalists will also be joined by two winners from the Cavite K-Pop Festival, Cavite K-Pop Festival Stage 2, Hallyu Albay’s K-Pop Dream Festival 2019 and GROOVEMANIA Clark: First Flight K-Pop Domination. 

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See the finalists compete for the top spot at the K-Crew Dance Fest 2019 grand finals, happening on November 16 at Ayala Malls Manila Bay. Check out the K-Crew Dance Fest 2019 Facebook page for further details!

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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