What's Your Closet Staple? Look to These K-Drama Leading Ladies for Style Inspiration!

Up ahead: K-Drama-approved ways to style your favorite pieces

We all have that one piece in our closet we can’t help but reach for. Whether it’s your favorite piece or your fool-proof fallback on days you simply can’t find anything else to wear, even the most creative, most stylish of us know what it’s like to have a no-fail closet staple.

Believe it or not, even our favorite K-Drama leading ladies can relate. After all, they’re *sort of* real people, too, aren’t they?

Regardless of what your personal style-saver is, we’re ready to serve you some major inspiration. Tell us your favorite closet staple and we’ll show you which K-Drama leading lady you can look to for a little styling advice!

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If blouses are your thing...

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

As the secretary to her boss of nine years, it’s understandable that Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) has found the perfect workwear equation. In every episode of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, we see her clad in button-down blouses—often paired with an equally trusty knee-length pencil skirt. If you find yourself gravitating towards blouses, take a look at Mi So’s collection and learn a thing or two about wearing both pastels and bold colors, puff-sleeves and sharp silhouettes.

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If you’re attached to your denim…

My ID is Gangnam Beauty
My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Despite living in a country with a hot and humid climate almost all year ‘round, Filipinos love their denim. If you can relate, you’ll want to pay extra attention to Kang Mi Rae (Im Soo Hyang) in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Like most college students, Mi Rae is heavily dependent on her denims—but the best thing is that she doesn’t restrict her selection to only jeans. Skirts, dresses, denim tops—she’ll teach you a thing or two about thinking out of the box!

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If you’ve got a soft spot for blazers…


Blazers aren’t just for the office anymore. When paired with jeans, they easily sharpen any casual outfit. When worn with a dress, they lend an edgy flair to the look. If you find that you’ve fallen for the appeal of blazers—whether slightly oversized or tailored to fit perfectly—have a good look at Touch Your Heart’s Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na). She’s got a whole arsenal of them, in different fits, colors and prints!

Get your dose of style inspiration from Touch Your Heart, available for your streaming pleasure on Viu!

If you prefer midi dresses…

Hotel del Luna
Hotel del Luna

Images via IU’s Instagram

For someone who has been dwelling on earth for the past 1,000 years, Jang Man Wol (IU) sure knows how to keep up with fashion. Cursed for a sin she can’t quite remember committing, Man Wol has kept her seat as the CEO of the ghost-infested Hotel del Luna—and she certainly dresses for the part. Her favorite outfits? Just a couple of episodes (or even a look through IU’s or her character’s Instagram accounts!) will tell you that it’s obviously her long, elegant dresses, always paired perfectly with a hat or a generous sprinkling of bejewlled accessories.

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