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We love our teleseryes in all forms and languages. There’s just something about the drama, the love triangles and the sawi-inducing declarations of affection that keep us peering at our television—or smartphone—screens.


And while there are a few older ones that have become classics in their own right, we can’t help but stay tuned to some of the current Korean Dramas.


My Secret Romance

Starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun


Cha Jin-wook and Lee Yoo-mi meet at a resort. After a series of misunderstandings, Jin-wook’s playful personality charms Yoo-mi and the two end up spending the night together. In the morning, Yoo-mi is gone and Jin-wook is perplexed and angry, despite his party-boy lifestyle.


Three years later, the two meet again as Yoo-mi works as a nutritionist in the cafeteria where Jin-wook works. After some time, Yoo-mi admits to remembering Jin-wook and he asks her why she left. What happens next, you'll have to see for yourself.



Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Starring Park Bo-young, Park Hyung-sik and Ji Soo.


Do Bong-Soon was born with superhuman strength, which is a trait that she inherited along with the other women in her family. She desperately wants to be the opposite and be an elegant lady instead, which her crush, police officer In Guk-Doo, prefers. But because of her strength, Bong-Soon gets a job in a similar field—a bodyguard to Ahn Min-Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company.


After a series of kidnapping cases break in Bong-Soon's district, she seeks the help of Guk-Doo to control her strength and use it for good. Will Guk-Doo see beyond Bong-Soon's super strength and fall so deeply in love?


Bride Of The Water God

Starring Nam Joo-Hyuk, Shin Se-Kyung and Krystal Jung


Habaek is a water god that makes his way to earth in order to find a magical stone that will grant him the power that he wants. He is also looking for his destined bride to help him—only she doesn’t know who he is.


Then there's So Ah, a psychiatrist with her own practice, a large debt and an old family tale that says they are destined to serve the gods. She doesn’t believe in superstition, so when Habaek makes his way to her and announces his intentions, she writes him off as delusional. The supernatural romance gets even more complicated when a demigod falls in love with So Ah and a water goddess who harbors a one-sided love for Habaek show up on earth. Told you, #ItsComplicated


Krystal Jung’s K-Drama comeback will premiere on July 3.



Uncontrollably Fond

Starring Kim Woo-Bin and Bae Suzy


Shin Joon-young and Noh Eul were classmates in their younger years, but had to be separated when they became teenagers. Noh Eul had a tough childhood and grew up to be a documentary producer. Meanwhile, Shin Joon-young became a successful actor and singer.


The two reunite when Noh Eul is asked to film a documentary of Shin Joon-Young. Initially, he gives her a hard time about the film, but eventually decides he wants to win her back. As they say, first kilig never dies.


The Privileged (aka High Society)

Starring Uee, Sung Joon, Park Hyung-Sik and Lim Ji-yeon


Jang Yoon-Ha is the youngest of a family-owned conglomerate (called a chaebol). But because she wants to find a man who will love her for her, she works part time in a food market. She tries her best to hide the fact that she is an heiress to see who could love her without her money.


Then there is Choi Joon-Ki, who grew up in extreme poverty. All his life, he hated the fact that everyone belittled his parents. As he grows up, his intelligence and talent allow him to become a middle manager for some conglomerate. But he believes that real love is a luxury that is only given to the wealthy. Will Jang Yoon-Ha change his mind or will they both end up sawi?




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