K-Movies to Anticipate on UPSTREAM

From drama to comedy, UPSTREAM’s got you covered

Kmmunity PH kicked off its second anniversary and celebrated with all of the K’Tizens earlier this month. It was a big shindig, with giveaways and virtual hangouts in store for fans of all things K. On top of that, K-movies are ready for streaming exclusively on UPSTREAM. K’Tizens get to nominate and vote for their favorite films from this lineup in the upcoming Kmmunity K’Tizen Choice Awards, too.

Their choice of movies checks all the boxes. Movies from different genres? Check. Star-studded cast? Check. Just take a look at the films ready for streaming. The Battleship Island has Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo and Descendants of the Sun) as one of its lead actors. Meanwhile, the thriller film called Bring Me Home with Lee Young-ae (Jewel in the Palace) premiered last May 9th. But that’s not all, here are the other amazing K-movies that you can anticipate on UPSTREAM.

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Okay! Madam

A family’s first overseas trip gets interrupted when the airplane they’re riding gets hijacked by terrorists on a hunt for a secret agent. Wild, right? It gets wilder when the newlywed couple takes it upon themselves to save their fellow passengers. Tune in to Okay! Madam to see what happens to them starting May 22nd, 2021.

You Drive Me Crazy

Missing Kim Seon-ho? Catch him in the mini-series You Drive Me Crazy. Here, he plays Kim Rae-wan who realizes he’s catching feelings for his best friend, Han Eun-sung (Lee Yoo-young). The series follows the pair as their eight-year-long relationship turns topsy turvy when things shift from platonic to romantic. You Drive Me Crazy starts streaming on May 29th.

Little Forest

After failing the teacher’s licensure exam in Seoul, Song Hye-won (Kim Tae-Ri) ditches her city dreams goes back to her hometown. But her mom is not there to welcome her home. Instead, her little forest is left there for Hye-won to uncover. She shares and relives these moments with her childhood friends, Lee Jae-ha (Ryu Jin-yeol) and Joo Eun-seuk (Jin Ki-joo). Stream Little Forest starting June 5th.

A Day

The famous thoracic surgeon, Kim Joong-young (Kim Myung-min), was not the best father to his daughter, Eun-jung (Jo eun-hyung). After she encounters an accident and passes away, Joong-young finds himself reliving that day in an endless loop. He teams up with the ambulance driver, Lee Min-Chul (Byun Yo-Han), to get to the bottom of it. This thriller movie meant to shake you to the core is available on UPSTREAM starting June 20th.

Secret Zoo

Bust a lung out when you watch Secret Zoo available starting July 3rd. Tae-soo (Ahn Jae-Hong) comes up with the weirdest way to save a failing zoo in an attempt to land a permanent job at a law firm. Armed with furry animal suits, he recruits the zookeepers to pose as the animals to keep the place afloat. Catch Han So-won (Kang Sora) and Kim Hae-kyung (Jeon Yeo-been) as Instagram-loving and soda-drinking creatures in this classic comedy. 

Beauty Water

Looking for a mix of thriller, horror and animated K-Movies? Then you should catch Beauty Water, which is available on UPSTREAM starting July 17th. This film is a commentary on our thirst to achieve unrealistic and picture-perfect beauty. The main character, Ye-ji, finds mysterious water that lets her lose weight and adjust her appearance. But there’s more than meets the eye when her magical holy grail begins to put her life in danger.

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Mark your calendars for your K-Movie of choice and watch them only on UPSTREAM.

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