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K-Pop Comebacks to Look Forward to this 2021 - go!

5 K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To October 2021

Who are we keeping tabs on this month?

Another year in quarantine means another year that we kiss live concerts goodbye. But at least, Globe partnered with V Live and other platforms to keep the Hallyu spirit alive. K-pop news and exclusive content to K-pop fans are readily available at the touch of a button so stans don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything major.

With all the things to look forward to in 2021, K-Pop comebacks are among the most anticipated among K-Pop stans. The world of Hallyu keeps on bringing us quality content, from albums we’ve been playing on loop all month to K-dramas that have us waiting for weekly episodes. On the music side, here are some of the most-awaited comebacks you should check out this year.


Super Junior

In celebration of the group’s 15th anniversary, Super Junior has launched their 10th full album, The Renaissance. Its date of release was moved a few times until it ultimately dropped on March 16, with the title track being called House Party. Nonetheless, ELFs kept watch of teasers, promotions and announcements on Super Junior’s official social media channels. 

Get a glimpse of the inspiration behind their 10th album by watching The Renaissance Story Teaser: The Start of a New Chapter.


DIA was supposed to start 2021 with a comeback that was confirmed around late 2020. It was reported that they were going to regroup as a 6-member act with Jung Chae Yeon. While it’s sad that Somyi won’t be joining them, new music from DIA was always something to look forward to for the fans. 

The official date for their return has been up in the air since then, but fans are still waiting faithfully for their return. Make sure to follow them on their social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) to stay updated!


Listen up, Neverland! (G)I-DLE made a comeback last January 11 with a mini-album entitled I Burn. It was reported that Soyeon co-composed and wrote lyrics for the mini-album. Yuqi and Minnie also took part in the composition and lyrics for some of the songs.

Stream I Burn and the dreamy title track called HWAA on major streaming platforms!

Epik High

The three-member hip-hop group returned with an album entitled Epik High is Here (Part 1) in tow—the first part of their 10th full-length record. The group celebrated its 17th year in the industry. They have played on various stages worldwide since. Fun fact: they were the first Korean act to perform at Coachella. 

Stream the vertical music video for the title track, Rosario, featuring CL and Zico.


Wonder Girls stans, where you at? Your girl Yubin released a digital single entitled Perfume on January 13, following her last hip-hop and R&B single Wave. Her release comes with four tracks, namely Intro, Perfume, Bloom’d and Perfume Instrumental. The track Intro is produced by her co-Wonder Girls member Sunmi. 

Check out Yubin’s music video for her retro-pop track Perfume on YouTube.


NCT Dream

One of the subunits of NCT returns this May with a title track called Hot Sauce and their first full-length album of the same name. Three tracks called Dive Into You, Rainbow and Diggity were previewed beforehand as NCT Dream released short films on their Twitter and YouTube accounts. This was one hot drop NCTzens definitely loved!

Hot Sauce was released last May 10th, now available on all music streaming platforms.


These girls are a force to be reckoned with, especially after bagging Rookie of the Year at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards. After a successful debut with Black Mamba, monster rookies Aespa are returning with their song Next Level on May 17th. We’ve yet to get more details but hopefully we'll get to see more of their artificial intelligence counterparts soon.

Stay posted on updates about Aespa and Next Level by following them on Twitter and Instagram.


SHINee’s youngest member will be releasing a mini-album after a packed first quarter of 2021. Set to drop on May 18th, Advice will be Taemin’s last major activity before he’s set to leave for the military. Lucky fans who were able to hear a preview of the song in his concert, Never Gonna Dance Again said that Advice has a different sound from the singer. Nonetheless, Taemin was able to nail the song, the fits and the mood.

Keep tabs on Taemin when you follow him on Instagram and SHINee on Twitter.


This powerful girl group is back with a new mini-album called Last Melody, which will be released on May 25th. It was previously reported that EVERGLOW has already wrapped up filming for the music video of the title track, with the concept being “warriors from the future.” Based on the logo change here, it seems that this is another track that fits right with their discography.

Stay in the loop with what EVERGLOW is up to by following them on Twitter.

Tomorrow x Together

The boys of Tomorrow x Together are welcoming a new era called The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE this May 31, several months after the viral success of Blue Hour. If we take hints from the logo change and the name of the upcoming mini-album, there’s a possibility that TXT might be bringing us a darker concept this time around. Will they be contrasting their pastel wonderland concept from Blue Hour? Only time will tell.

Follow Big Hit Music and the Tomorrow x Together members on Twitter for more updates.



It looks like summer has finally arrived in ENHYPEN’s realm as they drum up excitement for Tamed-Dashed. After the success of Drunk-Dazed (and six members having recovered from COVID-19), ENHYPEN will be returning on stage on October 12. Tamed-Dashed serves as the lead single from their first full-length album Dimension: Dilemma, making this comeback significant for both ENHYPEN and their fans: ENGENES. 

Stay in the loop for the latest ENHYPEN news by following their official account and the members’ joint account on Twitter.


Uaenas, IU’s fans, are in for a treat as the iconic K-pop songstress surprised everyone by announcing her new digital single, Strawberry Moon. The teaser video describes Strawberry Moon as one that “makes love come true” and will rise on October 19. This track marks IU’s return after Lilac last March, so many fans are excited for what else she has in store. 

Find out if Strawberry Moon is a mellow ballad or a funky pop song when you follow IU on Twitter and Instagram.


K-Pop’s second generation is thriving this year, giving us whiplash in the best way possible. Along with IU, 2NE1’s former leader CL will finally drop her first and independent full-length album, ALPHA, on October 19. In a statement translated by Soompi, CL previously announced that she rescheduled the release from November 2020 to 2021 to bring her fans only the best. So after a long wait, it’s finally coming. As seen on the tracklist, ALPHA will include her previously released singles such as Hwa, 5 Star, Spicy and Lover Like Me.

Follow CL on Twitter and Instagram to know more about the rapper and the release of ALPHA.


SEVENTEEN took Carats by surprise as they announced the release of their ninth mini-album called Attacca. We are yet to learn about the title track, but the series of teaser photos and concept films dropping are enough to keep everyone hyped. No one’s sure yet if the group will be doing a darker or fresher concept for Attacca. Nonetheless, it seems like an album worth keeping our eyes on. Set to release on October 22, Attacca comes right after Your Choice, which dropped back in June.

Get updates on SEVENTEEN and Attacca by following them on Twitter.

NCT 127

Last September, NCT 127 released their third album, Sticker, with a title track of the same name. The anticipation and love shown for this album were through the roof as the group managed to sell two million copies in a week. This achievement crowned them as double million sellers. Set to drop on October 25, Favorite is the repackaged version of Sticker. More details about the concept are to be released, but so far, the repackage will include all the tracks from Sticker and three new ones: Favorite, Love On The Floor and Pilot.

Keep tabs on Favorite by following NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

Comeback season is the best!

One of the best things about being a K-pop fan is the thrill of comeback season. After months of quieter timelines and news feeds, stans get bombarded all of a sudden with updates, content and teasers leading up to the drop. The community is alive and kicking, with some even plotting out their fandom’s streaming goals and other virtual get-togethers to celebrate a new era. These releases will definitely set some new K-Pop style inspiration for the fans and inspire new gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

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