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Replenish Your K-Pop Playlist with These Hot New Albums

The new tracks you need to jam to rn

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re still listening to K-Pop hits from years back. SHINee’s Replay? Timeless. Girls’ Generation title tracks? Constants across our playlists. Play 2PM’s Again & Again or I’ll Be Back and you’ll have to excuse the moves we starting busting out by sheer force of muscle memory. The point is, we love a good K-Pop classic, but we all need a new track to jam to every now and then, don’t we?

It’s a relief, then, that March has been full of promising new releases from our favorite artists. We’re not just talking your usual chart-topping bops (although there’s plenty of that on our list, too), we’ve got albums and EPs that serve up a little rap, a bit of acoustic, and generous helpings of pop and hip-hop influences.

Ready to grow that playlist? Keep reading.

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Momoland’s Show Me

Anyone who has so much as had one foot through the K-Pop door for the past year would know when a song is a Momoland track. Through Bboom Bboom and BAAAM, the nine-piece group that took Asia by storm has stayed true to memorable lyrics, cheerleader-like yells punctuating a catchy melody and instrumentals that quite frankly, make one think of memes or circus clowns. Their current title song, I’m So Hot is no exception and may even be playing things too safe with strict adherence to the pattern Momoland has established. The EP in its entirety, on the other hand, is a different story. Those who are casual listeners at best will be surprised to find the variety of genres the girls of Momoland face head-on in their Show Me mini album. Standouts include Falling U, a saccharine acoustic love song, and a beat-driven dance track What U Want.

Stray Kids’ Clé 1: Miroh

With just a year of experience in the industry, Stray Kids has been doing a fine job at differentiating themselves from their contemporaries. Miroh, their fourth mini-album, is a testament to this. Starting off loud and purposely chaotic with Entrance, the tracklist then takes an electronic turn with MIROH. The succeeding tracks on the album bleed the same sound signature to SKZ: dynamic, powerful and oh so catchy.

TXT’s The Dream Chapter: Star

A fair share of pressure is bound to come with being BigHit Entertainment’s next group after the worldwide success that is BTS, but TXT (short for TOMORROW X TOGETHER) has been staying afloat just fine. In fact, they’ve done far more than merely keep their heads above water in the face of pressure and sky-high expectations: they’ve already taken home a music show win and more importantly, have started carving out a sound for themselves—one distinct from their big brothers.' While many a boy group have taken on the fresh, summery concept, TXT pulls it off like they were meant to be crooning songs about humid weather and Blue Orangeade. One thing’s for certain: these kids are off to a good start.

Epik High’s sleepless in __________

When Epik High comes out with new music, the world listens. Everyone and their mother know that this trio—formed by Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz—is nothing short of iconic. Now in their official debut 16 years ago, they’ve been making music that people have grown up to—and now with their latest album, another chapter of their history is unfolding beautifully. Like every Epik High album, sleepless in __________ features a number of collaborations we never knew we needed: In Seoul with SunWoo Jung-A, Lovedrunk with Crush, and No Different with songstress Yuna.

Jeong Sewoon’s PLUS MINUS ZERO

A handful of soloists emerged (albeit after splitting up with their respective temporary groups) from audition program Produce 101, but none of them are playing the music game quite like Jeong Sewoon. He’s never been much of a dancer, no—that much became obvious during Produce, but he does have mad skills on the guitar and a beautiful voice to match. Since his time on the show, he’s been playing up these strengths to his advantage. By the looks of it, the public is certainly here for it. We know we are.

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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