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The Best Moments from K-Pop Star Jung Joon-young’s Manila Fan Meet

It’s his first ever in Southeast Asia and he picked the Philippines to do it (insert finger hearts here)

South Korean pop star Jung Joon-young sent Pinoy fans in a frenzy last weekend when he made his way back to Manila for a very special milestone: his first ever fan meet in the Philippines. Even more exciting, this is his first in Southeast Asia. “How are you [Filipino] Viu fans?” he said in a video teaser. “Did you miss me? Don't worry. I'll be back on September 22 in Manila! Save the date.”

Joon-young first broke the news on the highly-anticipated event last July on his Manila visit to promote Hello K-Idol. The exciting new web reality show is Joon-young’s latest project and new home on the web, where he assumes the role of special mentor alongside fellow K-Pop star Yook Sung-jae. Together, they must guide, inspire and help train the 10 Pinoy K-Idol hopefuls handpicked to compete for the title of first Filipino K-Pop Idol. With Joon-young—a veteran of a reality series himself—as the show’s inspiration, the pop idol hopefuls are obviously in good hands.

This may be a new chapter of Joon-young’s career and a new side of him that fans have never seen before, but still, the 29-year-old 2 Days & 1 Night star knows not to forget his roots. Last weekend was an exhilarating reminder of that. Taking a quick break from his new special mentor duties, Joon-young flew back to Manila to give back to his fans in the most memorable way: finally hold the fan meet Jungbrahimovics have long been waiting for. At the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent last Saturday, Joon-young treated his loyal fans to an entire evening of activities, exclusive prizes and a string of intimate performances. The time has finally come for this long-awaited fan meet! Scroll through to see the best moments from the #JJYFianceeMNL2018:

#1: Fans didn’t just show up. They dressed up.

The fan meet, aptly entitled “Fiancée,” was an invitation for fans to get creative. And some did.


@enjoyGlobe on Twitter

#2: When Jung Joon-young emerged from backstage and looked like an absolute dreamboat.

He kicked off the evening with a live performance of The Sense of an Ending (이별 10분 전) and spoke to his fans in Filipino.


via @KMusicInsider on Twitter

#3: As if attendees didn’t have enough reason to go gaga, Joon-young proceeded to sing Di Na Muli by The Itchyworms.

You can watch the full clip here.

#4: What are the qualities of Jung Joon-young’s ideal girl, you ask? Well, take note, because he went on to enumerate them.

He’s fond of red lipstick on girls and a sucker for shoulder-length hair, the sneaker-and-denim combo and earrings.


via @enjoyGLOBE on Twitter

#5: Then there’s the endearing moment he revealed he misses San Miguel beer and kare-kare.

True blue Joon-young fans know that he at one point lived in the Philippines.


@headlinermnl on Twitter

#6: When Jungbrahimovics took the stage and were quizzed on all things Jung Joon-young in the midst of Jung Joon-young.

Just imagine the pressure. 


via @enjoyGLOBE on Twitter

But, naturally, they passed with flying colors. Hence, this celebration:

#7: Fans who are still hung-up on the fan meet can catch more Jung Joon-young when they watch Hello K-Idol.

Because the frenzy doesn’t have to end. Watch the first episode of Hello K-Idol here and stream the second episode right after!


Catch the newest reality talent search for the next K-pop superstars only on Viu Philippines! Get ready to get hooked and help yourself to more Jung Joon-young.

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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