This Pinay Vlogger Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

And her earrings are everything

We know you’ve seen the viral videos going around on Facebook and YouTube that feature a broken-hearted girl singing and/or rapping some of the best Pinoy hugot songs of a generation. Her name is Kat Galang and she is making us feel all the feels.  

Here’s her cover of Salbakuta’s Stupid Love

Why we can relate: Because who hasn’t been screwed over in one way or another?

Here’s her cover of Gagong Rapper’s Kabet

Why we can relate: Because we know what it’s like to be second place to someone that’s always our priority.

Here’s her cover of Gloc-9’s Hinahanap Ng Puso

Why we can relate: Because we’ve all been the one ‘left behind.’

But despite the very real stories behind the lyrics, heightened by Kat’s impressive dramatization, the videos still made us laugh somehow. Whether it was because we could relate to it so much or because it was a little over the top, the videos tickled a bone in everyone.

The videos weren’t meant to go viral

Since going viral, Kat has explained that she never intended for the videos to become so popular. She only wanted to help promote the business venture of her friend, Gabby Padilla, who made the tassel earrings she wears in the videos.

Kat Galang is a talented actress

One might wonder how Kat was able to pull off such a convincing act when it was all just for show. Well, she’s actually a Far Easter University Theater Guild alumna who sometimes acts for commercials and films.

And did we mention she’s gorgeous? 

We’ve got our eye on her!

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