#WCW: Why We Love Kimi Juan

Meet the woman behind the lens of Escape Journal.

Kimi Juan is the poster girl of turning passion into career. She’s taken the road less travelled, and it has taken her far – from the sun kissed beaches of Siargao to the freezing Yosemite Park in California, from the pristine temples of Indonesia to the calm shores of Bohol. This girl has been everywhere, and she’s taking everyone along for the ride.

Why we love her: Her photos are flawless.

All it takes to appreciate her talent is a brief run-through of her Instagram account, @kimjuan. She’s seemed to master color composition and lighting, and her subjects are never boring. She goes from landscapes of seas and mountains, to intimate portraits of herself, her boyfriend and of them together. It’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of food posts and everyday selfies.

Why she's so talented: She has a knack for turning the mundane into something amazing.

While Kimi shows us the grandeur of all the places that she visits, she never forgets the little things. A simple storefront is suddenly a must see, a glass of white wine is abruptly what you need and an RV becomes the ideal summer spot. 

Why we look up to her: She forged her own path, but never forgot her past.

Kimi’s grandfather was one of the most sought-after photographers of his time, and he even took the late Cory Aquino’s presidential photo. But while this helped push her to pursue photography, she decided to take on a different set of subjects. She told Bench that she had tried her hand at portrait photography, fashion photography and even documentary photography, but eventually settled on landscapes and travel.

Why she's going places: She has her eyes set on bigger things.

Despite her already big – and growing – following, Kimi still has her eyes on the prize. She wants to work for Conde Nast Traveler, which is an international travel magazine that leans more towards an artsy aesthetic. 

In our humble opinion, she's definitely on her way. 

Adie Pieraz

grew up with numbers but fell in love with words by the time she reached her teenage years. She likes to surround herself with mellow music, delicious food and funny fail videos.

Alex Lara

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