Kitchie Nadal’s Songs You Forgot You Used To Love

But you still know all the words to

Back in 2004, an OPM darling named Kitchie Nadal released her first solo single and we lapped it up like water on a hot day. At that point, she was the coolest “new” singer following her years as the vocalist of alternative rock band Mojofly. Her music was senti yet new, raw and important; she spoke to those sad little parts of ourselves that wanted to be heard.

Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin

What else did we listen to when our teenage hearts were frustrated and sick of all the excuses? Nothing has and nothing else will probably come close to this classic.

At sa gabi, sinong duduyan sa ‘yo?

At sa umaga, ang hangin ang hahaplos sa ‘yo

Same Ground

We listened to this when we felt that first pang of regret from our very first heartbreak. We thought first love would last forever?

Cause I’ve learned that love is beyond what humans can imagine

The more it clears, the more I gotta let you go

TL Ako Sa‘Yo

This wasn’t a Kitchie-original, but we loved it like it was. True Love was a thing back then and we all thought we had it. Forget anyone that was going to tell us any differently.

Kahit malabo ang pagpili ko

TL ako sa ‘yo


We might have been idealistic then, but we were also pretty angry (though we can’t remember why). This was the perfect anthem to scream/sing to.


The harana song of its generation. How else were we to convince our crushes to go out with us but by singing this?

Kitchie Nadal has gone a long way since her first single and so have we, but it’s still good fun to visit those times. The 36-year-old is currently pregnant with her first child and we’re expecting the birth as early as August!

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