Make Every Day a Spookfest with These Korean Horror Shows

Halloween never really has to end, does it?

Let’s set the record straight: horror flicks aren’t for everyone. Not all of us are built to withstand jump scares and screamers, and not all of us look forward to the late October-early November period that recognizes the presence of all things creepy. But hey, if you find yourself looking for a little heart-racing, spine-tingling content, we’ve got an equally entertaining compromise: Korean horror shows.

That’s right—the world of K-Drama and variety shows isn’t just all about romance and humor. Good news: there are ghost-centric, spooky-themed series that are just as appealing. Even better news: they’re available on Viu for your streaming pleasure.

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Hotel Del Luna 

Starring IU, Yeo Jin Goo, P.O, Mina

Let us set the scene: a beguiling romantic plot, an abundance of gorgeous outfits, a sprinkling of history and a beautiful hotel that caters only to the dead. Welcome to Hotel Del Luna. Stream Hotel Del Luna on Viu! 

Oh My Ghost 

Starring Jo Jung Suk, Park Bo Young, Kim Seul Gi


What happens when a ghost who is eager to seduce as many men as she can before moving on to the afterlife, possesses a timid spirit seer? We’ll let you find out for yourself, but here’s a spoiler: an unassuming chef gets involved and along the way, finds himself falling in love. Stream Oh My Ghost on Viu!

Bring It On, Ghost

Starring Ok Taec Yeon, Kim So Hyun, Kim Sang Ho

From a ghost fighter and a wandering spirit, to ghost-busting buddies, to… lovers? Bong Pal and Hyun Ji’s relationship is a little confusing but oh so intriguing. Stream all the episodes of Bring It On, Ghost on Viu!

Surprise Mystery TV


If ghost stories, unsolved cases, and conspiracy theories are your cup of tea, you’ll want to tune into this K-variety show. Surprise Mystery TV is a unique program that unpacks short stories: some unnerving, some sinister, and others downright unbelievable. Stream the latest episodes of Surprise Mystery TV on Viu!

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Flick on your device and ready the popcorn—there’s more where these spooky shows came from. Click here to get your dose of horror on Viu with Globe Postpaid!

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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