A Place for Creators to Thrive In: Welcome to the Kumu Creators Academy

Learn more about the country’s first-ever professional livestreaming course in the country

Kumu, the crowd-favorite social entertainment platform, is ready to do more. Granted it’s well-known as a hub for fans tuning into the content of their favorites, the founders of Kumu are exploring new ways to show some love to aspiring content creators, too.

This summer, Kumu has started to do so by introducing the country’s first-ever professional livestreaming course called the Kumu Creators Academy. Here, the new generation of users can learn the basics of and building blocks necessary to take on content creation. It’s a three-month mentorship program that’s being offered for free.

Turning Dreams into Streams

In an official press release, Mafae Yunon-Belasco, the head of the academy, explained: “Kumu Creators Academy has built great momentum in sparking confidence within streamers from all over the world. Now that they have a safe space and new authentic connections through the program, more and more creators are eager to join in on the action. We have over 3,000 graduates already and are rapidly growing our alumni number every month.”


Structured much like any online course, the Kumu Creators Academy prides itself as a community for creators to “learn, build connections, and motivate one another in their journeys.” Its main pillars of collaboration, leadership, and connection are woven into the curriculum— which includes workshops, one-on-one sessions, collaborative team exercises, and more—so that the Streaming 101 lessons are grounded on Kumu’s values.

Joining the Course 

While admission to the academy is free, interested users have to show their passion and dedication by reaching Mango Level 3 on the app. In order to qualify and reach this stage, users must earn a certain amount of “kurot points,” which are obtained through livestreaming or dropping virtual gifts.

Once eligible, here’s what aspiring content creators can expect: a holistic three-month course where they can “connect with and learn from notable and successful creators from various fields through different workshops.” Thrown into the mix are different personalities that serve as guest mentors, providing their unique perspectives and approaches to creativity.

Recreating the lively classroom setup, course takers are joined by classmates at the Kumu Creators Academy, which is not only meant to carry the spirit of collaboration further, but to foster the sense of communnity within Kumu.

“As you discover your why alongside each other, you get to form genuine relationships and collaborative communities,” the brand added. “After graduating, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will provide you with guidance that’s aligned with whatever you want to pursue on kumu. So far, the academy has seen students come out of their shells and grow immensely to be their most authentic selves, and the number of alumni is growing rapidly every month.”

Become a Kumu Creator Right This Way

A way to flex your creative muscle, a chance to pursue your content creator dreams, and more: the Kumu Creators Academy has so much in store. Know more about the program by following Kumu Creator Academy on Instagram and Facebook.

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