Word on the Street: Kuwaresma Is the Must-See Movie in May

Amid family fun movies, superhero flicks and modern renditions of animated classics, there will always be that one film at the cinema to disrupt the setting and give moviegoers something else to talk about. This season, it’s Kuwaresma.

Directed by the revered Erik Matti (On the Job, Honor Thy Father and BuyBust), Kuwaresma presents a different take on the family drama. The film ties its family story into the Lenten event upon which its title is based: effectively utilizing prayer, repentance and the sacrifice that comes with making up for sins committed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. “From the very beginning we were thinking of doing something dramatic,” said Matti on premiere night. “We wanted a fun ride for the audience.”

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In his collaboration with Reality Entertainment and Globe Studios, Matti slowly uncovers truths about the Fajardo family, the centerpiece of his latest crowning achievement, without holding back on any twists or turns.

Kuwaresma begins with Luis Fajardo (Kent Gonzales), a young man away at university who is suddenly summoned back to his hometown. Terrible news has struck the family: Manuela (Pam Gonzales), his twin sister, has unexpectedly passed away. Back home, he is welcomed into his old family house by his parents, the stern Arturo (John Arcilla) and the genial Rebecca (Sharon Cuneta), who remain tight-lipped about the tragedy  for some reason. A time of mourning soon turns into a series of hauntings, leaving Luis no choice but to investigate the bewildering death of his sister himself. As he perseveres to unlock the mystery, he realizes: something unearthly is at play here. Luis eventually comes face-to-face with the malevolent history of their house and only unravels suppressed memories from his dark past.

Jaw-dropping, unpredictable and perfectly twisted: this is storytelling made even more exceptional by Matti’s band of actors, next-level visuals and world-class musical score of Kuwaresma. And the verdict by those who have flocked to cinemas to see it is in:

From the epic pairing of John Arcilla and the one and only mega star Sharon Cuneta to the stellar performances of up-and-comers Kent and Pam Gonzales, Kuwaresma truly is proving to be the must-see movie in May and a fantastic reason to rally behind the local film industry.

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‘Kuwaresma’ starring Sharon Cuneta and John Arcilla is now showing in both R-13 and R-16 cuts nationwide (see the full list of participating cinemas here). Get inside—not in line—to see it with GMovies, the app that allows you to book seats and buy movie tickets in minutes. Download the GMovies app on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices or click here to buy movie tickets online through the GMovies website.

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