LA Aguinaldo and Tommy Esguerra Conquer Urban Legends in Sorsogon

All you need in this life is a bro to back you up

People say that we all need a little adventure in our lives, something to expand our bubble and open our eyes to what the world has to offer. It’s a valid point, but that doesn’t necessarily make the jump any easier to make. But as LA Aguinaldo and Tommy Esguerra have proven, what does make it easier is having a bro by your side. Sometimes we all just need that little push to get things rolling.

Via a PAL flight that landed them in Albay, the two boys hit up Sorsogon in an adventure that forced them to conquer their fears. In that little corner of Bicol where urban legends are still the norm and haunted mansions abound, LA and Tommy turned to each other to make the unknown a little friendlier.

Conquering fears

In their eye-opening adventure, LA and Tommy faced multiple things we would never dream of conquering. Whether it was walking the skies via a Canopy Walk, kayaking atop the unknown waters of Lake Bulusan or entering the haunted mansions in Maharlika street, the boys took their challenges in stride and arrived better on the other side. They even conquered the dark at the Belfry Tower.

A worthwhile reward


At the end of each adventure, LA and Tommy were greeted with something they never expected. A wonderful view, a great conversation, an appreciation for the classics—they were all waiting on the other side. The boys just had to get there.

Made better a thousand times over.

Whoever they are, they’re right. Adventure is out there and you should definitely take it—but maybe take someone with you. Having a bro along for the ride could make everything more meaningful, whether that means conquering your fears or even just taking a bite out of something new.

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