LA Aguinaldo : On Traveling and Staying Connected

LA has come a long way from sharing screen time on reality TV with other celebrity hopefuls. He has appeared in various media, has a successful modeling career, and hoards of IG followers. Is there anything else we haven't read about him online? Here, LA shares away!


1. He loves Traveling and Old-World Cultures attract him the most.

"The world is a beautiful place. I find myself interested in architecture and history. Perhaps Spain and Italy are top favorites."



2. He loves it when his fans tag him on their IG posts and it makes him appreciate the Philippines more.

"My followers know I love traveling so they tag me on their travel posts! I've been tagged in some of the nicest places in the country and I feel I have to explore more of our motherland! Our country is just so beautiful!"


3. He not only loves having followers but an avid IG user that he follows more than a few as well!

"I follow a bunch of personalities. I like following photography and lifestyle accounts: @creationsofla @teamcozy @takubeats @jayalvarrez @alexisren."



4. He is known for his IG hashtag and he likes communicating through the medium.

"What I like most is the type of experience I can share with my followers through my photographs. Also, I love how active and passionate they are because we get to interact and discuss certain topics just on the comment section alone. It's awesome!"



5. Like many of his generation, he embraces all the advantages of being connected and online all the time.

"Wherever I am, I'm so happy that I can contact them by using any platform. I can drop them a call at my whim, I can post on my mom's wall on Facebook and share a photo I took. Updating my Twitter status lets my family and friends know where I am. It's great!"


6. When he gets behind the wheel, it is not only for transportation but also inspiration.

"I like driving. For me, I find driving as a way to slow down and relax! Sometimes being stuck in traffic is solace. It helps me think about my next move! Most of my ideas are born whenever I'm in my car, so I keep a notepad handy at all times."



7. He loves how the globe myLifestyle plan helps him keep in touch with loved ones and followers, wherever they are in the world.

"I like how the Globe myLifestyle Plan enables me to get the most out of my usual unli-calls and unli texts. It also lets me create packs that help keep up with the lifestyle I live. It makes my life so much easier and it lets me share my experiences to my friends in an instant."


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Instagram: @thelaaguinaldo

Twitter: @thelaaguinaldo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itslaaguinaldo/


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