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The Greatest Lessons We Learned From Some Of YouTube’s Biggest Pinoy Stars | go! | Globe

The Greatest Lessons We Learned From Some Of YouTube’s Biggest Pinoy Stars

Who best to learn from than the experts themselves?


YouTube and Globe partnered up for an event on Sunday, where fans got to meet and learn from some of the biggest Pinoy YouTubers. In attendance were Mikey Bustos, Say Tioco, Kristine Roces (RealAsianBeauty), Anne Clutz, Zendee, Lloyd Cadena, Ana Victorino, Michelle Dy, Janina Vela and Anna Cay. On the international front were Joanna Soh, Jayden Rodrigues and Gabe Bondoc.


Mikey, who was there with his new vlog partner RJ, taught us that there is always time for something that you are passionate about. 



Say taught us that some of the best things in life lay outside our comfort zones.



Kristine taught us that one of the best things in life is meeting someone who shares the same sentiments as you. 



Anne taught us that we should be thankful for everything and everyone in our lives, whether they are good or bad—as long as we remain a positive force. 



Zendee taught us that even the most random encounters have the potential to become great experiences.  



Lloyd taught us to enjoy life, no matter what happens. 



Ana taught us that there is more to life than work, but nothing is impossible if you keep your mind to it.  



Michelle taught us the importance of starting now and not delaying our dreams.



Janina taught us to be ourselves, because no one else can fill that void. 



Anna taught us to keep moving forward, because strength and courage will follow. You just have to take that first step.



Joanna taught us to put ourselves out there and to never stop trying. 



Jayden taught us that you should look for something you want to do every day and just do it.



Gabe taught us to love what we do and only do what we love.



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