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Why Logan Is Giving Us Chills

Yes, even those of us that can’t recall the earlier movies

We’ve been hearing it for almost a week now: Logan is a great movie. What makes it so interesting is that people from both sides of the equation have shown their appreciation for the film, both the die-hard Marvel fans and the neutral watchers. And in case you needed more reason to dive into the fad, we present you with just some of the reasons why we couldn’t take our eyes off the screen.

It’s surprising.

If you haven’t read any spoilers, it will surprise you. Marvel definitely took some interesting turns, and the risk paid off big time. We’re curious about how the franchise will move forward from this. 

It’s 50 percent action and 50 percent story-driven.

The film definitely has some guts and gore to it; it is an X-Men movie after all. But beyond that is a story that is gripping, mysterious and heartbreaking as well. It presents all the horror that humans are capable of, as well as all of the kindness.

It makes fun of itself.

In the film, we see Hugh Jackman’s Logan flipping through an X-Men comic and he is not pleased with seeing his alter ego, Wolverine, on the pages of a comic book. “Maybe a quarter of this happened,” he grumbled. “And not like this.”


The cast.

You can’t really go wrong with Jackman and Patrick Stewart, but the film also introduces an array of new faces. Keep an eye out for Dafne Keen’s Laura especially, because she was action, emotion and comedy all rolled into one.

Hugh Jackman.

The 48-year-old actor was amazing in the film. It becomes so evident why he’s such a fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s embodied the persona of both Logan and Wolverine to almost perfection. The struggles of his character become yours, and you feel the heaviness of his responsibility and his need to firmly grasp his passing freedom.  

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